“Dumbster Fire” showed us a lot about how Toby’s role on Team Scorpion and the instability of Paige and Walter’s relationship. When the team’s mission to prevent the creation of a black hole went awry, it was Paige who initially stepped up to keep them all on track. It wasn’t easy since the geniuses all lost a ton of IQ points, but she eventually managed to get everyone out of the situation safely. Toby was especially helpful with this.

Happy and Walter continually harped on Toby at the beginning of the episode and pointed out the fact that he has the lowest IQ on the team – several times. It actually didn’t feel like the insult fit in with their characters. Every team member gets teased, but this time it felt like it was going a little bit too far. So, it was really satisfying to see the tables turn when Toby became the only genius in a room full of idiots. Toby needs more love!

Seeing Ralph play a perfect wingman for Sly was just as satisfying. While at a convention with Florence, Ralph was giving Florence a steady stream of compliments and “facts” to influence her feelings for Sylvester. Honestly, Ralph is a better wingman than most full-grown men I know and it was adorable to see him put those skills to work. I hope we get to see more of that in the future, but I also hope that Sylvester is able to discuss his feelings with Florence soon!

The one thing that worries me is the way the episode ended. Paige got a glimpse at Walter without his genius IQ, and he was an open book during that time. Walter seemed to be more capable of speaking freely with Paige when his IQ was lower, and it seems that Paige found that rather endearing. But now, his IQ is back at its genius level and she’s missing that simpler part of Walter. And, of course, Florence steps in and it appears that Walter may be on the verge of questioning his relationship again.

I love Florence’s character, don’t get me wrong. But right now it looks like she is being used just to create conflict between Walter and Paige while teasing Sylvester.  And while conflict like that can work well for a time, it feels like this is getting drawn out. I think it’s time we just establish once and for all whether or not Walter has feelings for Florence so that he can figure out his relationship with Paige, and also so that Florence can do her own thing in peace. If nothing else, Florence deserves the character development.

Overall, I’d say this was a pretty standard episode with some unnecessary drama thrown in. It really feels like the steam is running low and there isn’t much left in the season aside from fart jokes and toying with established romances. Let’s hope for something better this week!

“Dork Day Afternoon,” the newest episode of “Scorpion,” airs tonight at 10/9c on CBS.