Building a cosplay can not only be hard, but also extremely expensive. When looking at popular cosplayers like Jessica Nigri or Yaya Han it can be completely discouraging; their ability has taken years to hone and the materials are always top quality. Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere, and there are definitely channels out there to help you be con-ready; here are three of them!

DIY Costume Squad [CineFix]

You’ve probably seen these guys on your Facebook feed if you’re really into creating a costume. I highly recommend the DIY Costume Squad if you’re looking for a quick fix with cheaper materials. While the Squad doesn’t have the most in depth tutorials out there, they certainly give you a lot of creative ideas on how create an within-budget cosplay. The team gets really creative with how to transform regular objects and crafts into quality costumes; Dustin literally turned a pirate hat into Captain America’s helmet.

Storm the Castle [Epic Fantasy]

As a lover of building armor and weapons, this channel is a favorite of mine. Will runs not posts videos on YouTube, but also runs which has a ton of recipes, templates and written instructions for all your crafting needs. I always recommend his foam armor set for those looking to build something shiny. He also builds weapons from popular games such as Frostmourne from World of Warcraft or Link’s Hyrule shield from Legend of Zelda. Some of his pieces can get really involved, but most are made from accessible material and usually he creates a template for you that’s free to print so you can follow along with step by step tutorials!

DIY Cosplay Shop [AWE Me]

This is probably the one channel with the most expense attached. DIY Cosplay Shop is slightly more advanced than the previous channels mentioned, but is still an excellent resource if you’re ready to up your skill. The tutorials still give you plenty of good advice and tell you what they use, so you should be able to find all the materials on your own. They’ve made a bunch of great costumes, from Teen Titans to Steven Universe, and always break down the steps they’re taking to create them.

Don’t let yourself get down over cosplay; it’s supposed to be fun! If you’re ever feeling discouraged about your ability to create colorful and fun costumes, give one of these three channels to try out and guide you on the way to being a pro.