Photo: 1965 Rex Features/Source: Tor

All the workouts I have left to do involve jumping, including this one. There’s only one jumping exercise, the jumping lunges, and they weren’t too difficult, but I was alarmed at the deafening thuds I was making as I hit the floor. We had a minor earthquake here recently, and I was kind of worried my neighbours might think there was another one.

My only real knowledge of Batgirl is from watching the reruns of the Adam West Batman series from the 1960s. I remember her having a sparkly purple suit and a very excellent gold cape, but I don’t remember anything else about her, so it’s hard to figure out if this workout does her justice. It would have been quite fun to yell out “KAPOW!” or “BAM!” while I did my punches and kicks, but I was way too tired and grumpy for that.


Photo courtesy of Neila Rey

How many sets did I do: Three. Due to a bad case of bed glue, I was very late getting up and didn’t have a lot of time. The sets were quite short though, so in my usual twenty minutes I probably would have managed four.

Peak heart rate during workout: It hit an early peak of 190, but then trailed off to much lower than that for the rest of the workout, which is kind of weird. I obviously stopped trying at that point.

Easiest exercise: The punches were the easiest again, even though this time the number of punches was 40, which seems like the right amount to me. Ten or twenty isn’t worth bothering with.

Hardest exercise: The plank leg raises were definitely the hardest, and I would have hated a gym instructor to have looked at my form while I was doing them, because I’m pretty sure it was terrible. The reverse crunches were also hard, but I think that was only because it took me until the third set to work out how to do them properly, and then they were a lot easier. Before that, I was basically just rolling about with my legs in the air.

Next day? Due to my very lacklustre performance, I didn’t feel this one at all the next day.

Playlist highlights: I added some new songs to my playlist in an attempt to prevent it from playing any of the more embarrassing ones, and it picked She Drove Me to Daytime Television by Funeral For a Friend and Step Out by Oasis.

Difficulty rating: 8/10. This one is quite tough.

Hero rating: 7/10. I quite liked this workout and I think it would be a good one to try again when I’m not having quite so much trouble getting out of bed.