Scorpion Monday is here, and this time we have another new episode! It’s been a few weeks, so I’m sure you’re all looking forward to seeing our favorite geniuses on screen again. But in this episode, it looks like the team’s genius IQ rating is going to be knocked down quite a bit…it’s going to be interesting seeing Paige try to reel them all in while they’re in a state of delirium. And, according to the TV Guide description below, Sly and Florence are going to become closer. I’m currently taking bids for ship names, y’all!

Scorpion Gif

Photo Source: Giphy

“Dumbster Fire” airs tonight, Feb. 26, 2018, at 10 p.m. Check out the official description and the trailer below!

The geniuses of Team Scorpion turn into knuckleheads and Paige must simplify the science for them, when their mental faculties are impaired during a job to prevent the creation of a black hole. Also, Florence and Sylvester grow closer when she helps him with a special project. (TV Guide)