Hey guys welcome back to Overwatch Tips! Today I’ll be giving you guys a couple of pointers on Orisa. She’s already almost been out a year, can you believe how time flies! At first it might have been a process to get her really swinging into the meta but now she is making a name for herself. Her anchor tank role fits perfectly in most team comps and might have been made for defensive holds but can hold her own in an attack role. Let’s get into it!

Shields up!

To take full advantage of Orisa’s barrier recharge time, keep using it to have constant protection in the frontlines. It will create an area your teammates will count on for hiding from enemy fire and also allow your team to crawl towards your enemies little by little. This little safe area is also a good place to put a supercharger to really initiate the push. Bonus Tip: If there is an enemy D.VA, she will be looking out for when you use your barrier. So always have that thought in the back of your mind when she might be close to ult you should be a little more conservative with your shield to counter D.VA’s.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment


I feel people don’t use fortify to its best ability. Mostly, they trigger it when they are low health out of desperation. But what it definitely should be used for is to fight against certain enemies abilities. One’s that can stun you like a Reinhardt charge, Roadhog hook, Mei freeze, Junkrat trap, McCree flashbang, and even Reinhardt Earth Shatter. So with that in mind, being able to fight through all those abilities will make it so you can stay on point longer to help your team.


Orisa’s halt ability is a great part of her kit. It almost works as a mini graviton surge. Always looking out for some cheeky boops off the ledge is great, but it cn have another use. When an entire enemy team is behind a Reinhardt shield, you could lift them all up since it goes through shields, and potentially hammer down and get ALL 6 of them stunned and create some huge plays. But it can also help keep players away from you like Symmetra or Moira.

Orisa is a massive force on the battlefield and you will reap the rewards if you can master her. She really is here to stay and is very fun! Getting those boops are oh so satisfying. See you next week when we’ll be going over Reinhardt!