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With the upcoming tornado of superhero movies, it’s no surprise that everyone is getting overwhelmed with superhero paraphernalia. It’s crazy what one can buy with Batman and Superman plastered all over it. Though, I have to say some of my favorites have been books, children’s’ books to be exact. Why children’s’ books? Well, my kids love to read and be read to. I have an almost two-year-old that loves Batman and to be read to and gets a kick out of being read to about The Dark Knight. Now, why not read the comics? Because sometimes it’s fun to read a different take on some old classics. Not to mention reading time with the kiddos is great for their imagination and it helps you spend some quality time with some amazing individuals.

Bedtime For Batman by Michael Dahl, 2017

This is one of my favorites by far. Super adorable and a quick read, it’s bound to keep your kids interested from the beginning to the end.

When the Dark Knight decides to make an appearance in the city, a young boy also becomes ready for an adventure through Gotham. Fighting villains and saving the city is what this little guy is best at. With illustrations by Ethen Beavers, this story comes alive with each turn of the page. You can even Wake Up with Superman too! 

My First Batman Book by David Bar Katz, 2011

If you have yet to read a Batman book to your kids then this is one of the best to start off with. Like Bedtime for Batman it’s a short read and fun, but it is also a touch and feel book so it’s perfect for those touchy-feely toddlers that want to get their hands on our comics. It has different textures, so it makes it very interactive. My oldest son loved his touch and feel book. In fact, I still think we still have it 13 years later. If you looking for similar titles, you can also find Superheroes ABC’s & 123’s, My First Book of Super Villians, Superheroes Colors, Shapes, and More, and My First Book of Super Powers!

Welcome to Super Hero High! by Courtney Carbone

Aimed more at early readers, this series has to be one of my daughter’s favorites. She is beginning to read on her own and these books make it possible. With simple sentences and short pages, it keeps young readers from getting bored, which let me tell you happens a lot with young readers. They hate repetition. But this book is a winner without a doubt. Will Wonder Woman save the day with her classmates by her side? Find out if Harley, Catwoman, and the rest of the gang will be a school success.

5 Minute Marvel Stories

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Have a picky reader or a child who wants multiple stories bedtime time? I highly recommend this 5-minute story set! There are a variety of stories to read with all their favorite Marel Superheroes. Plus they are short enough to keep any parent happy!

So now you have been given a small peek at the world of children’s superhero literature, and believe me it’s a small peek, I could possibly go on for days about books. My children and I are avid readers, but I do have to cut it short as I have to get back to some important reading myself. I hope that you take the time to take a break and read a story or two, you may never know the adventures you will have when opening a book.

” …what harm ever came from reading a book…? – Evelyn ( Rachel Weisz), The Mummy, 1999

Let me know your favorite children’s book!