Hi folks, today we return with the latest review of CBS’ Young Sheldon. Last week’s episode surrounded one of Sheldon’s many, many quirks: his fear of germs. This phobia is something that anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory is familiar with and I was excited to see how they would capture such an eccentric trait in a nine-year-old boy.

Flu Season Begins

The episode begins in Sheldon’s English class where Ms. MacElroy interrupts herself by a series of sneezes. In perfect Sheldon fashion, he begins packing up his school books and scampers out of his seat. This prompts Ms. MacElroy to ask him to return to his desk but with another sneeze, Sheldon runs out of the class despite the fact that he knows he’s not allowed to be in the hall without a hall pass.

This dutifully leads to Sheldon being called into the principles office and to Mama Cooper’s dismay, he’s treated like any other high school student who breaks the rules and is assigned to a couple days in detention.

Sheldon the Troublemaker

Catching a cold is a legitimate concern, according to Moma Cooper, and she’s in full distress at the idea of her baby Shelly going to detention and being picked on by the other students. While Papa Cooper initially insists that detention is simply a group of kids doing homework, when MeeMaw says it wouldn’t hurt if Sheldon had protection, Papa Cooper promptly agrees.

Since Sheldon is the smartest in the house, he needs no encouragement to ask Georgie for some advice regarding detention. While Sheldon assumed the hour would be used for each student to contemplate his or her actions, Georgie informs him he’ll probably get is ‘a-word’ kicked. Turns out all that worrying is for nothing though, as Sheldon lasts barely two minutes before fleeing. Not because the kids are mean to him, but because Mr. Givens says he’s becoming sick. Hilariously, this leads to Sheldon being suspended, and who would have ever thought that a kid like Sheldon would be suspended?

Meemaw to the Rescue

Sheldon’s hyperactive concern for becoming sick (and potentially dying) leads him to visit a doctor where Sheldon asserts that ‘It’s not a phobia if the threat is real’. While the doctor’s visit is tense, in the next scene we see Sheldon had learned something from the doctor and is taking precautions by wearing a mask and gloves.

That night Sheldon watches the news where they say that there is a particularly severe epidemic reigning on the country. This prompts him to take drastic measures. In a classic move to isolate himself, he seals off the garage and locks himself in it wearing an astronaut suit. With the sink and fridge, he’s all set for the long term.

young sheldon in garage

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Sheldon’s mom has a heck of a time trying to get Sheldon out of the garage. It’s a real Tom and Jerry sort of deal but just like the infamous duo, Sheldon stays out of harm’s way. Then MeeMaw has an idea that makes Sheldon rethink his current situation. In a heartwarming and ever patriotic speech (as well as a hot plate of freshly baked cookies) MeeMaw lures Sheldon out of the garage because just like  Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, and Sissy Spacek,  Sheldon shouldn’t be afraid of nothing. He’s a pure Texan man for crying out loud.

Then Sheldon is sick and we hear the highly anticipated song ‘Soft Kitty’ and all is right in the world.  I have to say I was impressed by the perfect balance of cheesy-ness and creative originality in this episode and I’m excited for the season to return on March 1st.