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The day finally arrived – I had to do some jumping. If you’ve seen any of my other nerdy workout reviews you’ll know that I have been desperately trying to avoid the ones that contained any jumping, because there is a lot of me to launch into the air, and I was worried about the structural integrity of my knees, and also my house.

But I couldn’t put it off any longer, as I have done all the workouts without jumping, and so it was time to try to hurl my considerable frame into the air. This workout was actually a lot easier than it looked, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t end up making a hole in my bedroom floor.


Photo courtesy of Darebee.

How many sets did I do: Five! Finally I did more than four sets of one of these workouts! I seemed to whizz through the whole routine pretty quickly, so doing five sets in twenty minutes was achievable.

Peak heart rate during workout: 127 beats per minute, so still kind of low. If you’re into cardio, these are not the workouts you’re looking for.

Easiest exercise: The punches were the easiest, and made me feel a bit like a badass. Well, as much of a badass as it is possible to feel like at that time in the morning…

Hardest exercise: The hook kicks were the hardest. It turns out I have very little control over my left leg. I have no idea what my left leg was doing, but it definitely wasn’t doing hook kicks, or anything else constructive for that matter. I was basically just waving my leg around in the air. Let’s hope I never have to kick a bad guy who is standing slightly behind and to the left of me.

Next day? I had a bit of an achey butt, but other than that I didn’t really feel it very much.

Playlist highlights: Highlights for this one were Buy Nothing Day by The Go! Team, Drain You by Nirvana and Screamager by Therapy? My phone did try to throw out Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles, but I was having none of it.

Difficulty rating: 5/10. This one looks harder than it is.

Hero rating: 6/10. The punches and kicks were really fun, even if my hook kicks were less than convincing. I can’t help thinking there should have been some sort of arm-swinging exercise, so you could pretend to be wielding Harley’s baseball bat though.