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In honor of Valentines Day and my love for TV, I’ve put together a list of my favorite television couples in no particular order! Some of them are from series that have passed and others are from series currently airing. Each one of these couples has struck a chord with me one way or another. Here we go…


Doctor Who – Rose and Ten

There are only two episodes of Doctor Who that makes me cry every time, “Vincent and the Doctor” and “Doomsday”. Every Whovian knows about this glorious couple and the moments that lead up to Rose and Ten never seeing each other again. It was like a knife in the back when this episode finally aired. To be honest, I’m getting misty-eyed while writing this up.


TW Lydia and Stiles

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Teen Wolf – Lydia and Stiles


Fans watched for seasons as Stiles made a fool out of himself for Lydia Martin. There was nothing he would do for the love of his life. We rooted for Stiles and it seemed like they would never get together. That was until the final season aired the fans got everything they wanted and more. While I wish we had more seasons of this show, I’m satisfied knowing he ended up with Lydia in the end.



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The Office – Jim and Pam

This award-winning TV show couple holds a special place in my heart. Its the first series my husband and I watched together beginning to end while we were dating. Jim and Pam were the classic work friends turned lovers. Fans eventually watched them get married and have kids. What more could you possibly want? A reboot, please NBC!



GreysAnatomy McDreamy

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Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith and Derek


I’ll admit I haven’t watched Grey’s since McDreamy left. I know what’s happening thanks to Jacki’s reviews here at TGON, but for the most part, I haven’t watched. Why? Because I miss their banter and their relationship. Yes, sometimes it was too perfect, but Shonda Rimes gave us the ultimate Prince Charming. When Patrick Dempsey finally made the decision to leave Grey’s Anatomy, it felt like he was divorcing us all. In the end, we had eleven seasons of fairytale bliss to look back on. Plus I’m SUPER proud of all the hard work Ellen Pompeo has made with the series since he left!


ParksandRec Ben and Leslie Love

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Parks and Recreation – Leslie and Ben

Leslie and Ben shed a light on a different type of relationship out there. Leslie was a high profile public figure and Ben was always the behind-the-scenes cheerleader. It was one of the many reasons I loved this series so much. No matter what each other was doing, they supported each other with unwavering support. When one was having a horrible day, the other would do nothing till the other was smiling. It’s hard not get infected with their positivity.



BobsBurgers Valentines Day

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Bob’s Burgers – Linda and Bob
Linda and Bob hands down the most REAL couple on TV even if they are animated. Between running the burger shop and their kids get into the most ridiculous situations, they never get a moment of peace. Linda Belcher is the kind of mom I inspire to be later in life, full of fun and lots of dancing. How can you forget about Little King Trashmouth and his family?



TBBT Comfortable Sheldon and Amy

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The Big Bang Theory – Amy and Sheldon


This couple is just proof that there is someone for everyone. There were seasons where I was convinced that Sheldon was going to die alone with Zazzles and the rest of the Mahanattan Project kitties. As soon as Mayiam Bialak was introduced I knew she was here to stay. Amy Farrah Fowler is the Ying to Sheldon Cooper’s Yang. No matter how annoying or difficult he can be, he found his soulmate. It will be nice to see them finally get married this season, fingers crossed.



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Dawson’s Creek – Joey and Pacey

High school me would hate me if I didn’t mention Dawson’s Creek. I lived for my nights with my friends and the WB channel. I learned so much about life and relationships from this series. Some of my friends were die-hard Dawson lovers, but I truly believed Joey belonged with Pacey. He was the bad boy with a heart of gold. He was the shoulder the cry on and the knight and shining armor. Thankfully I won the argument in the end of the series.



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Riverdale – Betty and Jughead

Riverdale has become a recent obsession in my house. We can’t get enough of this Bughead relationship. I love Betty’s Darkness combined with Jughead’s stubbornness. In a single scene, they can go from bubble gum cute to murderously dark. Betty is always willing to do anything to help Jughead. Meanwhile, Jughead is constantly on a mission to make something right. I hope they continue to grow their relationship this season because I’m pretty much over this Archie and Veronica mafia business.