Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl 8

Thanos looking good. Photo taken via screenshot of the Super Bowl spot.

Were you watching the Superbowl solely for the commercials?  More accurately, were you watching just for one specific TV Spot? One very important, and highly anticipated spot? If so, then I’m sure you saw it.

If you didn’t—or you simply want to watch it for the hundredth time—here is the Avengers: Infinity War Superbowl TV Spot:

Honestly, I think that this spot was near perfect.  It gave us just enough to satisfy that craving for more, but at the same time revealing next to nothing new story wise.  We are all still very much in the dark as to what is actually going on storywise—and that’s great.

Let’s break down what we saw:

  • Scarlet Witch is using her powers on Vision’s mind stone. For what reason? Who knows.
  • The Guardians walking down a stairway.
  • “It’s all been leading to this,” Tony says to Bruce Banner (the same scene that we’ve seen them in with Doctor Strange and Wong).
  • Thor riding along with Rocket and Groot! If rumor is correct, they are off to forge Thor a new weapon. Is Groot playing on his device?
  • Loki, standing in what looks to be the same area that he holds up the Tesseract.
  • Spider-Man crawling up one of the ring machines (potentially the same one as the first trailer) as he rips off his mask and gasps for air. Two things to note. One, he is extremely high up—nearly in space. Two, he has his classic outfit on. So how does he get the Iron Spider-Man outfit we see later?
Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl 6

Spider-Man crawling up the mysterious ring device. Photo taken via screenshot of the Super Bowl spot.

  • A shot of Cap, Widow, and Vision Walking. Vision does look wounded, and if you look closely, he may also be missing the Mind Stone. Also, for the love of god, that is not Captain Marvel behind Cap. It’s Scarlet Witch. See the trench coat?
  • “You ready?,” Thor says to someone off camera. This is likely their destination, and also the same place we see Thor pulling together those things in the first trailer.
  • Cap activates his new Wakandan arm shields! T’Challa stands next to him, in what seems to be a very serious mood. Obvious point of note: They are in Wakanda. “Let’s go.”
  • Our first look at Tony’s Bleeding Edge armor morphing around him. A similar tech to the new Black Panther suit, or even Star Lord’s helmet.
  • Our first clear look at teenage Groot.
  • Our first look at Nebula in the film! She seems ready to go to battle. Likely against Thanos, as her surroundings look similar to where we see Thanos in the first trailer.
  • Shot of the charging invading army to Wakanda. Sadly nothing new.
  • Black Widow looking at someone/thing while on a Wakandan war vehicles
  • Bucky running out of the woods, firing at likely an outrider. Also clever cut from Widow to Bucky?
Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl 2

Doctor Strange and Iron Man team up. Photo taken via screenshot of the Super Bowl spot.

  • Easily the best shot of the trailer. Doctor Strange preparing a spell as Iron Man flies past/into it. Epic team-up moment or arrogant Stark?
  • The same running shot from the first trailer. However this time Cap’s Arm-ory are slightly larger.
  • That sweet Avengers logo.
  • A wonderful shot of Thanos. That CGI is looking quite flawless.

Personally, while I thought it was near perfect, I think the one thing I think it was missing was a new shot of Thanos in action. What did you guys think of the trailer? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!


Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th, 2018.