I rewatched the wonderfully terrible Johan Hex film not too long ago and couldn’t help to think that this character could have been done so much better.

I wasn’t too big into the Hex comics or the Weird Westerns books either but I knew somewhat of Johan Hex from the DC animated shows. I knew he was a deformed cowboy with a dark past and that alone made the character sound interesting so once I heard they had a live-action Johan Hex film being released  I was pretty curious to see how this played out. It kind of was the No Country for Old Men for comic book movies. The film had Josh Brolin as the title hero and John  Malkovich as the villain, Quentin Turnbull. I remember being pretty happy to hear who they were casting till I head Megan Fox. I was hoping she would be a small role or something in that manner but then I found out she was Johan Hex sidekick. I kind of stop caring for the film until the summer of 2010 and I saw it out of curiosity. I walked out thinking it was just “meh”.

After watching the film, I can safely say this moved fail on a bunch of levels. Bad acting, bad story and bad job form the director. However, it was so bad it was kind of fun in a Piranha 3D kind of way. But after seeing it again I feel this character can be done well and does offer a good story with plenty of supporting characters. I think if they would reboot this film they should make an adaptation of Johan Hex: No Way Out with some elements from Two Gun Mojo. I read both of them recently and really enjoyed them. I couldn’t help thinking this would be a great plot for a reboot. Currently, the character had made a soft return with Legends of Tomorrow which I haven’t seen but heard positive things from.  However, I wouldn’t mind seeing this character show up in the DCEU in some way. One can only hope.