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Hecate is a Greek Goddess who lives in the Realm of Hades. She is the daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria and being a female Titan, was not imprisoned in Tartarus when Zeus and his brothers overthrew them. She is the Goddess of magick, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, the crossroads and necromancy. Later down the line Selene would become Goddess of the moon and Nyx, Goddess of the night while Hecate would still command dominance over magick, witchcraft, ghosts and necromancy. Her Roman identity is the Goddess Trivia. She has all the same roles and symbols and responsibilities as her Greek counterpart.

Her symbols remain torches and she is often depicted with three faces lending her the Triple Goddess aspect. The place often associated with Hecate is the crossroads. She has been shown as both a maiden and a crone and probably takes on both aspects. Her animals are dogs and polecats. Polecats look like ferrets and were bred to hunt vermin in ancient Greece.

Hecate may be a maiden Goddess but she sympathizes with mothers. When Demeter’s daughter Persephone went missing into the Underworld with Hades, it was Hecate who helped Demeter to find Persephone by lighting the way through the dark with her torches looking for her. When Persephone was found and it was made clear that she would have to spend 6 months out of every year in the Underworld with Hades, Hecate became her minister and companion while she is down there.

In today’s world she is seeing resurgence in recognition. Not only is she seen as a Goddess once again but she is featured books such as The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series as a Goddess and she is even a part of the Marvel Universe. She is a character that is a Titan in the AU Earth 616 that was banished by Zeus. Of course creative freedoms are taken with her in both examples but her core remains the same. Her name is even being used in connection to witches as in Penny Dreadful’s Hecate Poole who was unfortunately an evil witch.


Hecate Olympian Earth-616

Image Source: Marvel Comics

All in all Hecate is a protector and a light in the dark for those who seek her. She can be found in the in betweens and crossroads. Or look to dogs to help find her. Call on her when in need of help with spells or magickal guidance.