Picture Credit: Image Comics

Blumhouse has become a juggernaut in the horror genre. It resurrected M Night Shamalyan’s career with The Visit and Split, had Jordon Peele knock it out of the park with Get Out, and is currently rebooting the Halloween franchise this October with damn near everybody involved with original along with director David Gordon Green. And for the first time, they’ll be dipping their toes into the comic book/graphic novel genre with Spawn in 2019. The original creator of the comic Todd McFarlane is giving most full control as writer, director, and producer. In an interview with AZCentral, he gave some more details on the project: “….It will be dark and heavy, serious, R-rated. It won’t be a superhero movie. I don’t think most people would categorize it as that. It will be a supernatural thriller, like a lot of good creep movies. The only thing in the movie that’s fantastic is Spawn, and anything else is otherwise normal…. We don’t want to muddy the waters. It’s R-rated. Not like Deadpool, where there was just a couple F-bombs and a naked butt. Not like Logan either…We’re talking trauma, true trauma, as serious as possible.”

A Marvel movie this will not be, it sounds exactly like the genre fare Blumhouse is known for. Even the r rating will mean something else than it has been with Deadpool and Logan. No light raunchy jokes or f-bombs, it’s going to sink its claws into that r rating. He also went on to talk about its major influence: “I like to explain that it’s my Jaws. Spawn doesn’t say a word the entire movie, and it’s the same way with Jaws. It’s about the sheriff and the people, chasing the ghost. That’s it…The lead role isn’t Spawn, the lead role is a cop, like Sheriff Brody from Jaws. I think we can hook a fairly significant actor that we want. Unlike a superhero movie, we wouldn’t need an actor to put on prosthetic (makeup) or go to the gym. We just need him to act.”

This might be where fans will be split. Giving the title character zero lines and have him become a secondary character is risky, to say the least. But Blumhouse has thrived on risks and it’s has paid off financially as well as artistically. And with any movie that compares itself to Jaws, I can’t help but get a little bit excited.