When we last left Team Flash before the winter break, Barry was framed for murdering Clifford DeVoe — while DeVoe himself secretly transferred his consciousness into a new body, Dominic Lanse. Barry didn’t try to run away from the police and instead allowed himself to be taken in. The season now continues this week, with episode 10, “The Trial Of The Flash” and will see Barry in court for the murder of DeVoe, while Cecile plays Barry’s defense and Iris and Joe each try to find a way to get Barry out of prison.

Interesting enough, “The Trial Of The Flash” was a classic, near two year long storyline in the Flash comics where instead of Barry being accused of murdering the Thinker, it was the Reverse-Flash. Which then lead to the entire Rogue’s Gallery to hunt down The Flash; also this was all started by the murder of Iris at the hands of the Reverse-Flash too!

While we won’t see the Reverse-Flash anytime soon or even Iris dying again, expect episode 10 of the fourth season to be a quick one and done episode; that could possible be stretched out to be a two parter with then the rest of the season focusing on Team Flash dealing with DeVoe in Dominic’s body.

However, if the mind swap and sending Barry to prison was DeVoe’s grand plan, then it kinda pales in comparison to Reverse-Flash, Zoom and even Savitar’s world altering schemes from seasons gone by.

Time will tell.

The Flash — Trial Of The Flash

Photo Source: comicbookmovie.com

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