Your Ex-BF Could Be A Spy! The Spy Who Dumped Me Comes To Theaters in August!

The Spy Who Dumped Me is not exactly a title for a movie that immediately draws your attention, or maybe it is original enough to make you curious about what this movie is about.


The Film will be an action comedy made by Lionsgate Films with Susanna Fogel as the director, David Iserson as the scriptwriter and produced by Brian Grazer.

We do already have a synopsis of the movie, however, more than that and the cast isn’t known at this point.

The Spy Who Dumped me will tell the story about two best friends called Audrey and Morgan who get involved in an international, undercover conspiracy/mission after Audrey’s ex-boyfriend shows up at their apartment with a team of deadly assassins on his trail and turns out to be a spy.

    The film will have a star cast with:

  • Mila Kunis as Audrey
  • Kate McKinnon as Morgan
  • Sam Heughan as Sebastian Henshaw
  • Ivanna Sakhno as Nadedja
  • Fred Melamed as Roger
  • Justine Wachsberger as Inès
  • Olafur Darri Olafsson as The Backpacker

And unspecified roles for:

  • Hasan Minhaj
  • Justin Theroux
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Kev Adams


Source: Just Jared

Filming of the movie started filming in Boedapest, Hungary in July 2017 and in September filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Source: Just Jared

The movie was originally scheduled to be released on July 6, 2018, but, after ‘a phenomenal test screening’, it was pushed to August 3, 2018.


  1. I used to work in film marketing and distribution, if there was “a phenomenonal test screening” as stated, the film would not be pushed to August. It would be moved to July 4th weekend, which is a huge movie weekend in US or moved to May 31st which is considered the beginning of the summer blockbuster season. So, just wondering what the logic is for August. Could be a good film that would otherwise get completely lost in the mix of summer action flicks.

    1. I will definitely go to see it because of Sam Heughan. I wish I was able to see the movie “where the starlight ends” with sam as the lead. It was here for a blink of an eye and then disappeared ?

  2. I would not normally consider a movie if it was listed as a comedy but as Sam Heughan is starring in it I can’t wait to see it. Sam is a wonderful, expressive and talented actor. If he wasn’t in it I would probably not watch it.

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