Yeah, I bet.

It didn’t occur to me until I read it on another website, but it makes perfect sense. Furries are all about the love for anthropomorphic animals, whether they be walk-and-talk parallel humans or the sentient pet in a cartoon. And I’m talking about all the love. This community abounds with its share of felines, foxes, dragons, and wolves, but look long enough and you may just find a wonderful creature you had previously never known. There’s room for every animal in the world of furries, and as such, room for every animal fanatic as well.

Zoo staff certainly counts. Their entire career revolves around caring for wildlife and educating people about its necessity to the world. Who’s to say that amazing bird trainer in the outdoors theatre doesn’t have a falcon persona of her own, or that the guy tucking down to feed the cave critters swaps between a cockroach and a copper tail? Furries have got to be drawn to the zoo. There’s too much animal to resist.

I wonder if zookeepers have their own secret system for signaling other furries. Is there a secret handshake, a wink? Do they flash badges showing their animal of choice on their uniforms, giving a nod and a raise of the eyebrow to anyone pinging their radar? Do they sense someone else likes talking animals and speak about it subtly, easing in lunchtime questions that pique curiosities of the secret life? It would be amusing to find out which co-workers have inner sides dedicated to Gila monsters, aardvarks, and armadillos. Because there are bound to be furries working in zoos. I bet there are. I bet there are.