Source: Marvel Television/ABC Studios. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Blood as Lance Hunter, Iain De Caestecker as Leo Fitz.

If you haven’t caught up, most of the team has been sucked into space and time to fulfill a prophecy from the future. This episode, “Rewind”, also shares a title with the unrelates Runaways episode of the same name. It answers the burning question: But where is Fitz?


The episode starts where last season ends and this season started (hence the title “Rewind”): The gang goes out for a late dinner at a diner called Rae’s, when suddenly the power is cut by Enoch. They put their hands up, ready for their arrest. Newly, Fitz tries to explain that this is all his fault, but before he finishes his sentence, he is alone in the diner. He is arrested by the military.

In interrogation, Agents Evans and Lucas try to break Fitz and get the truth about what happened to the rest of his team. The truth is, he knows no more than they do. He suspects that the army arrested them too, and are torturing them in similar cells. He demands to know who is in charge, and comes face-to-face with General Hale: The replacement for General Talbot after the LMD of Daisy shot him in the forehead. Believing Fitz is being uncooperative, she locks him in a cell.

Over the next six months Fitz is interrogated and co-operates to the best of his ability, and spends the rest of his time counting down the days, growing out his beard, reading, working out, watching soccer and sending angry letters to soccer fanzines. Suddenly, during interrogation, Hale enters and says Fitz’s lawyer is here to see him. Unexpectedly, ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Lance Hunter enters and orders them to uncuff his client.

Alone, Fitz complains about Hunter taking so long to decode his soccer fanzine messages, which devolves into a heated fight about soccer. They hug. As Fitz details his escape plan, Hunter fiddles with his smart-watch and blows a hole in the wall. They escape, and watch as their distraction, a helicopter pilot named Rusty, crashes. So much for that. They steal Rusty’s Winnebago, fulfilling Nick Fury’s threat in the second episode about downgrading them to one, and make it out that way as Fitz fills Hunter in on what happened in the last two seasons, while trying to Google his friends and what happened to S.H.I.E.L.D. as an organization. His only lead is the beer truck that Enoch showed up in. Using Rusty’s surveillance gear (hidden behind the margarita machine and the ferret cages), Fitz and Hunter find footage from the diner. All surveillance went down for two minutes in a two-mile radius, but Fitz is able to track the truck – which constantly changes labels to throw off tracking.

Hunter and Fitz surprise Enoch in his home, but he is… well, not surprised. He was expecting them. He introduces himself as Enoch and claims to be 30,000 years old and from an alien race known as Chronicom, sent to study humanity. He leads them into a room full of alien symbols and shows them a video of the white monolith absorbing the team, explaining that he sent them to year 2091 to fulfill a prophecy. Fitz simply wasn’t part of the prophecy. Fitz takes Hunter’s gun and threatens Enoch, demanding to meet with the so-called “Seer” of the prophecy.

In a park, Enoch introduces Fitz and Hunter to a family we have met before: Polly Hinton and her daughter Robin, also known as “The Seer”. It looks like little Robin has inherited her father Charles’ Inhuman abilities, as she is drawing pictures of events that haven’t happened, writing with an ancient alien language that was previously unknown to humans.

At Enoch’s house, Evans and Lucas break in after following the Winnebago. They are confused by the alien symbols all over the house, and the children’s drawings on the fridge – the house belongs to a single male with no children. Evans then notices a drawing of her and Lucas in the kitchen, and she realizes that there is a “crystal ball” – a kid. They track the Winnebago to the park, and try to apprehend the agents again. Enoch gives the agents and family earpieces and they all comply. Before Evans can finish her Miranda rights, everyone is gone and they lost half an hour of time. They take the drawings back to General Hale, who tells the pair to capture Robin and ensure she is on their side.

Enoch takes Polly, Robin, Fitz and Hunter to Lake Ontario, as seen on the postcard – which is where the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. is, even if it is not when. Underneath a lighthouse, he takes them down an elevator that even he doesn’t know how deep it goes, why it was built or by whom; all he knows is that they are the first four humans to see it. He tells them that they will stay there until Robin can provide a prophecy letting them know they are safe. Fitz asks what they can do to speed up the process, and Enoch tells him he can’t interfere. Fitz points out he sent his friends to the future, and he says they can interfere only in the case of preventing an extinction-level event – but even he doesn’t know what will happen.

In the morning, Hunter makes breakfast and Fitz looks at photos of Simmons. Fitz brings the breakfast to Robin, and asks Polly why he wasn’t taken. Polly admits that after Terrigenesis, Robin doesn’t talk much. Time is jumbled and she lives in her own head. She asks Robin why Fitz wasn’t sent to the future, and Robin presents him with a picture and tells him he has to save them. The picture is of what appears to be Simmons getting killed. Now that it is prophecy, Enoch is willing to interfere. He informs Fitz of a Chronicom vessel he used to travel here that is securely located in Blue Raven Ridge. Hunter laughs; this is where they just broke Fitz out of.

Disguised as repairmen to fix the hole they blew in the wall, Hunter and Fitz return to Blue Raven Ridge. They barely sneak by with their fake IDs, and release Rusty’s ferrets into the vents to cause mass panic. You read that right. Let’s repeat for effect.

Fitz and Hunter release Rusty’s ferrets into the vents of a top-secret military base to cause mass panic. It works. They sneak into the hangar and find the Chronicom vessel, but find something more important: The S.H.I.E.L.D. base-away-from-home, the giant aircraft known as Zephyr One. They load the vessel one and marvel at how the army had taken everything from S.H.I.E.L.D., when soldiers try to stop them. Without hesitation, Fitz opens fire with I.C.E.R.s and kicks their ass. They take off.

After their escape, Hale is very disappointed with Evans and Lucas. She simply can’t trust them anymore, and is taking them off the case. She then shoots the pair in the forehead and asks for a cleanup crew.

Damn, General. You’re ice-cold.

Speaking of ice-cold, Fitz and Hunter return to the lighthouse (and the future site of The Lighthouse) and Fitz hides a cache of weapons, including Mack’s shotgun axe. He is going to use a Chronicom cryogenic freezer and sleep for 74 years while aboard a vessel orbiting another planet. Hunter realizes that this is the last time he will see Fitz and they say their goodbyes. Hunter promises that he and Bobbi will take care of Robin and Polly, and orders Fitz not to die. Fitz writes on the postcard “Working on it”, slips it under Robin’s wooden robin, and enters the chamber. Sharing a very Star Wars moment, Hunter tells Fitz he loves him. Fitz replies that he knows. He then goes to sleep for three quarters of a century.

In 2091, Enoch unthaws Fitz and wakes him up. He tells him that they are two days away from the Lighthouse, and has a plan in motion – if Fitz has it in him. He hands Fitz the menacing mask he wore at the end of last episode, and Fitz says he has it in him.

What a great episode! It’s like they took all your favorite episodes like “4,722 Hours” and “Spacetime” and slammed them into one episode with a Fitz/Hunter buddy-cop team-up at the core. Who could ask for anything more?

I couldn’t. This is going to have to be the first 10/10 of the season.

Stay tuned to see how this season unfolds!