Coming at you hot with another edition of Overwatch Tips. We’ll be going over the speed demon herself, Tracer. Her quickness and slender hitbox alone makes her a viable pick. But, sometimes her speed and abilities can come as a challenge to some. We’re here to help you conquer it.


Though Tracer is very successful in flanking the defense’s front line, she is very prone without her team’s help. You can help take down a Rein shield or if you’re lucky pick off some of the enemies healers. Just be sure to pop back out for heals or back up because with your 150 hp, you won’t last long without some help from your team. Choose your battles wisely.


Tracer’s Recall ability can practically give you 300 health if used correctly. Of course using it in dire situations and when you have low health is essential, but being that it doesn’t take you that far into the past it won’t get you out of all situations. You need to make sure that before you use it,about three seconds ago, you put yourself in a good situation to escape and regroup.

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Pulse Bomb

Tracer’s Pulse Bomb does 400 damage. With that info, use as you will. Pairing with Zarya Ults or using it to take out a support in the heat of battle to weaken defenses is a solid strategy. But you need to make sure to not die when it is thrown. If you die before it goes off, your pulse bomb will get cancelled.


Some heroes Tracer might be a good pick against are most healers, Widowmaker, and Bastion. Your movement alone will make it so these heroes will not be able to avoid you or hit you. They are in the palm of your hands. But heroes to avoid would definitely be a McCree, Roadhog, and Torbjorn. McCree will be able to flash and fan the hammer or headshot you if you even think of getting close. Roadhog will most likely be able to hook one shot you but you might be lucky to escape but then you are in full chaos mode to find health or spend your recall. And lastly Tordjorn’s turret will find you if you even pop out a little bit, so you either find a way around it or try to do your thing as quickly as possible.

Hopefully with practice you will be able to get used to her movement speed. Once you have that down you will definitely get the hang of it! She is very prevalent in the meta these days and will help your team immensely trying to get to the objective. With that we will see you next time, Cheers!