Photo Source: Timothy The Game of Nerds

Game Stats:

Published: 1967
Rerelease: 1997 under the title Stock Market Guru
Publisher: 3M, The Avalon Hill Game Co
Players: 2-8, best with 4
Age: 12+ Time: 60 min


Stocks & Bonds is a fast-paced free-for-all Wall Street extravaganza. Players begin with $5,000 and the chance to invest in the game’s selection of 10 stocks and bonds. Each round, the throw of the dice dictates the rise and the fall of the market. Each player has the opportunity to risk it all on certain stocks and hopefully become a wealthier stockholder than the other players. The ten rounds of gameplay are exciting and enthralling as you and your friends ride the highs and lows of Wall Street.


This game is easy to learn and fun to play. The greatest challenge a player will face in the game is learning how to calculate risk and how to build a diversified portfolio. The game box comes with securities review cards, chalkboard stock records, stock and bond certificates, situation cards, dice, chalk, chalk eraser, and record of transaction sheets.


This is a great game to play with a couple of friends and I highly recommend this game for double date night. While fun and thoughtful, this game involve strategies of money management, speculative investing, and risk management. If you are wanting to risk it all on the market to become a millionaire, all while competing with friends, then this is the game for you!

Photo Source: Timothy The Game of Nerds