There are plenty of cool animals that already live on this planet, but when you can imagine a creature that doesn’t exist, the possibilities are literally endless. This will list off 5 mythical creatures which I think are the coolest. (No particular order)

1. The Enenra

This creepy monster is Japanese legend composed of smoke or darkness. It usually dwells in bonfires, but when it surfaces, it will take the form of a human. As haunting as that is, it most certainly looks like something that will mess you up. (And that makes it cool)

2. Hippogriff

Griffins are already one of the more popular and cool mythical creatures, so when you mix that with a horse and get a hippogriff, no complaints are necessary.  This creature has the front of an eagle, the body of a horse, and wings.  It is extremely fast and is known to be able to fly around the world and to the Moon. I thought it would’ve been a griffin/ hippo breed, but I think this one turned out better.

3. Leviathan

There had to be at least sea creature mentioned on this list, right?  What could be the better choice than the Leviathan? It is said to be a sea-creature of immense size.  Sometimes it is depicted as more of a dragon-like creature, covered in a body of scaly armor, sharp claws, rows of razor teeth, the ability to breath fire, and a thinner, more serpentine body. That. Is. Awesome. It would make a cool pet if it wasn’t a huge threat to the safety of this planet.

4. Valkyrie

These beautiful Norse maidens wear helmets and shields; in some accounts, they flew through the air and sea. Plus wings to fly around. They go into battlefields and decides which of the slain fighters deserves to go to Valhalla (Which is a pretty cool place, from what I hear). Some Valkyries had the power to cause the death of the warriors they did not favor so I wouldn’t get on their bad side. These have become more popular, after Overwatch’s heroine, Mercy arrived, so now people can actually realize how cool Valkyries are.

5. Dragon

Possibly my favorite creature of all time. This thing is just too cool to not talk about. Dragons are extremely large and powerful reptilian animals which are capable of using elemental breaths (usually fire). Anything that breathes fire is cool in my book. They are scaly beasts with large wings with a crested head and enormous claws and teeth. I don’t really have to describe this creature, do I? Who uses this website and doesn’t like dragons? Whether or not you watch Game of Thrones, know mythological history, or even like animals or not, Dragons are cool. Always.

Well, those are just a mere five of the unlimited ocean of creatures throughout history. Tell us: What’s your favorite Mythological creature?