Hello and welcome to another Overwatch Tips guys! We will be teaching you about the robotic hero, Bastion! The stationary killer himself is absolutely deadly at most skill levels. If you can make him viable from your pure skill alone, it will be a bloodbath! Let’s jump into it.


The best place to be as Bastion is somewhere outside of the line of fire and where the other team might not expect you. But Bastion is mostly a stationary hero, so if you change up where you might be in turret form, this will give you the element of surprise in most situations.

Shield be gone!

If you want to be very useful to your team, your main focus outside of killing enemies is to break shields. Eliminating Reinhardt’s and Orisa’s shields immediately will help your team get kills and push back the attackers. Your team will probably start yelling at you to switch but will eventually learn to think otherwise.

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Tank Form

Bastion becomes an absolute force when he pops his ultimate. He becomes harder to kill and more damage in shorter time, but you have limited time. So when you use it, try to aim for heroes 200 hp and less. This will help build up the kill feed and you and your team will be able to gang up on those tanks.


Bastion again can lay out some MASSIVE damage in turret form. With that, anyone with a shield is instantly out of the questions. But Orisa’s Halt ability can get you out of your position so be aware. Heroes you will need to watch out for are hard to hit foes like Genji or Tracer, but also long range heroes like Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Soldier: 76 can be a pain from far away. Also a sneaky Sombra trying to get you out of turret form. Bastion might have a lot of heroes to look out for but it’s the price you pay to be an absolute killing machine (literally).

Bastion is not a popular pick but you can make it work if you stay melting those shields. Good luck and maybe one day you’ll be able to make Bastion the viable pick he once was.