If you’re already a World of Warcraft player, chances are you’ve not yet explored the first World that World of Warcraft Classic has to offer. If that sounds like you then there might be a few questions on your mind that need answering, especially before you begin investing time in a game that first made its debut in 2004. We’ve collated a list of some of the most asked questions to give you the answers that you need.

Is leveling straightforward in World of Warcraft Classic?

The level 60 cap in WoW Classic can take players countless hours to achieve, a lot of players struggle to reach it in under 100 hours. There are a variety of ways to level up faster in World of Warcraft Classic to help reach the level cap that little bit easier. In a nutshell, the leveling process does not need to be complicated.

Is it easy to make WoW Classic gold?

World of Warcraft Classic has a lot of ways to build up your gold reserves, but one of the most straightforward methods is to learn a crafting profession and then head to the auction house to sell unwanted items for the use of other players. There are also a variety of places online to purchase WoW Classic gold which makes obtaining gold a lot easier.

Is World of Warcraft Classic expensive?

Playing World of Warcraft Classic does not need to cost you heaps of money, it’ll only charge you the subscription fee of World of Warcraft – no additional purchases required. It would be unnecessary to go searching for a boxed copy of World of Warcraft Classic. If you’re already a modern WoW subscriber, WoW Classic will be included in the subscription at no extra cost. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to pay the $15 per month subscription fee.

What is the best World of Warcraft Classic server?

Before you begin World of Warcraft Classic, you’ll need to decide on which realm you’ll start your adventure in, and you’ll have a wealth of PvE and PvP options to select from. There are various lists available online that detail all of the available servers for WoW Classic so it’d be worth doing some research. 

Evenings tend to be the busier period for queues forming on servers for players waiting to get into the game, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play in the evening, but it is worth bearing in mind before you jump online. 

Should I bother playing World of Warcraft Classic?

Definitely! World of Warcraft Classic has been given some excellent review scores, which is mainly due to the great job it does of rekindling the nostalgic recreation of the original World of Warcraft we know and love. WoW Classic reignites the memory of exploring the depths of Azeroth for the very first time. It might be punishing, and clunky as ever, but Classic is made all the better to play thanks to its community. Players work as one to complete dungeon runs, craft gear, and finish quests, that alone makes for a heartwarming experience. 

What race and class are best for World of Warcraft Classic?

This one is a tricky one to answer, mainly because it varies from player to player. Every class has its own strengths and weakness, and this is further broken down into which race is best for a given class. Choosing a class and race combination comes own to whichever one you think looks and feels the coolest for you; it’s not always about min-maxing.

We hope we’ve answered some of the questions surrounding World of Warcraft Classic that’s been on your mind, but feel free to drop us a line if there are any others we haven’t covered.