After two years of pushed back release dates and speculating plot, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is finally stomping into theaters December 20.

The much anticipated adaptation of the Chris Van Allsburg children’s book Jumanji and the 1995 film of the same name, will focus on four teenagers who discover the game of Jumanji. Instead of the characters from the game coming to the real world, the teenagers are turned into avatars and enter the game.

Since it’s a video game, the players are given weaknesses, special skills, and three lives. Which raises the question, what will happen if someone runs out of lives? Will they return to their normal life or meet their untimely end?

One thing we know is that Robin Williams character Alan Parrish will be a part of the film. Although we probably won’t see him or hear his name mentioned, Dwayne Johnson has mentioned that we will see what Alan left behind in the world of Jumanji that ends up helping the characters. I’m imagining a Swiss Family Robinson situation where Alan has built an extensive treehouse or special tools that the teenagers will discover and use to help them survive.

I know it seems like the last thing we need right now is another sequel or remake, but Hollywood isn’t getting the hint because they keep coming. Although it’s great to be nostalgic and celebrate films from the past, there comes a time where not making new and original content just seems lazy.

I think that besides the nostalgia and adventure aspect of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the film’s message will also resonate with audiences. It looks like the message will be very Breakfast Club-esqe. That we should look beyond the exterior of people and see them for who they truly are.