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Last week I reviewed Guilty Pleasures. This week’s book is The Laughing Corpse. Anita is back into the thick of things up to her waist and sinking fast.

Anita meets with Harold Gaynor about raising his three hundred years long dead ancestor at her boss Bert’s insistence. From this meeting she must run off to help the police figure out what killed this family. It was a gruesome scene and there were no good ideas as to what to do or who to blame. Something supernatural is on a killing spree.

Back to the three hundred year old corpse, most animators don’t possess enough power to raise a corpse that old even with magickal help. It turns out that Anita has the power to do it, as long as she kills the white goat. So what you ask? It’s just a goat. The white goat means a human sacrifice. It isn’t something Anita is willing to do. Gaynor is unwilling to let the matter drop and will go to extremes to get her to do what he wants.

To find out who may have raised a killer zombie, Anita must go up ask a Voodoo priestess Dominga Salvador for her help. This is a dangerous thing. Ms. Salvador has wanted to include Anita in her world and rituals for years. To Dominga’s continued dismay Anita has declined every invitation. Will Anita survive a meeting with Dominga unscathed?


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I love this series and look forward to rereading Circus of the Damned and giving you a review next week.