After a long hiatus Steven Universe is finally back to expand on Season 5 after Steven’s return to Earth after escaping from Homeworld.

The special thing about this Steven Bomb? It was released on the Cartoon Network App for free viewing on November 10th! It went slightly under the radar, the way Cartoon Network tends to keep Steven and its other more  groundbreaking shows, but all of that is forgotten and forgiven because we have official times and airdates!

Original Steven Bomb promo by Amber Rogers, rights too Cartoon Network [edited by Michael at The Game of Nerds]

If you can’t get it from the image, they are airing the new episodes in blocks at 7:30pm est on December 15th, 22nd, and 29th!

We won’t give away too much of the new plots but it will be focused on the immediate impact after Steven’s journey to Homeworld and you won’tbe seeing the diamonds in this block, but we hope we see them again soon to continue the ever expanding plot and complexity of the Steven Universe universe. So join us for viewings and discussions around the holidays, a time we can be thankfulto actually have new episodes of anything airing!

Also prepare for a Peridot/Lapis episode, and a lot of interpersonal drama within the group (and thus less action), but be prepared for the return of series less magical antagonists: Kevin!