Loki's punishment

Image Source: Norse-mythology.net

Movies, TV, books and games are all filled with Gods and Goddesses. Sometimes the creators stick to the lore and other times not so much. Today I am going to talk about Loki. He’s in the ancient Eddas with his companion Thor as well as in movies such as Marvel’s Thor and games like Cyanide Studios’ Loki. Sit back and let me tell you about the real trickster God.

Loki is the son of the frost giants Laufey and Farbauti. He is a fire God, troublemaker and shapeshifter. He is father to the monsters Fenrir, Hel and Jormungand with his first wife the frost giantess Angrboda. Fenrir is the beast of Ragnarok which is the end of the world. Hel is the Goddess of the Norse netherworld which also bears her name. Jormungand is the World Serpent or Midgard Serpent. With his second wife Sigyn he had two sons, Vali and Narvi.

While Loki is currently imprisoned for he his evil deeds, he wasn’t always evil. He has forever been prone to trickery but not downright evil. Some of his mischievous behavior is because of boredom and some just due to his lineage. Loki lost the magickal golden apples of Idunn. He did however figure out how to get them back. When Thor’s magickal hammer was stolen by the dwarves, it was Loki who came up with a plan to get it back. Unfortunately that meant that Thor had to cross dress but it worked.

Somehow after causing the death of Odin’s son Balder, Loki was still tolerated within the halls of Asgard. The final straw was at an Aesir feast that he attended he was insulting and tormenting everyone in attendance. When he realized the danger he was in, he turned himself into a salmon and fled. Odin found Loki even in his shapeshifted form and mounted a mission to catch him.

Once caught, Loki was thrown into a cave that was to be imprisoned in. His son Vali was changed into a wolf so he would and did kill his brother Narvi. Narvi’s intestines were then used to bind Loki beneath the maw of a terrible, poisonous snake that drips it’s venom on him until Ragnarok comes to pass.