Hope you are ready for another segment of Overwatch Tips! We’ll be going over everyone’s favorite edgelord, Reaper. A rather simple character that absolutely demolishes anything in his way. Whether it’s through brute force or careful planning, Reaper is a hard-hitting character that isn’t too hard to get the hang of.


With Reaper, you want to be right in your enemies face, contesting and fighting for that point. This is what he excels in. The hardest thing about Reaper is not getting kills on the objective, but closing the space between you and the enemy. Sneaking around them or popping up unexpectedly will guarantee your success; that and several accurate shots. Bonus Tip: When your clip is empty, once Reaper drops his old guns, you can melee to get your guns back faster.

Shadow Step

While Reaper’s wraith form is very useful and used constantly, his shadow step is not used as often. Sure it can be used for mobility to get to the point quicker, but it is also useful in the heat of combat. If you re losing teammates left and right and need a quick escape shadow step is there for you. Or if an incoming D.Va bomb or Rein charge is coming your way, a well-timed Shadow Step is sure to get you out of there in the nick of time so you can resume your massacre.

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Death Blossom

Reaper’s ultimate is very simple and all it takes is the right placement. Once you hit it, it will automatically start shooting for you, no skill needed. But what is important is where that team is and if you can get the jump on them. Your Shadow Step becomes a huge help letting you get high up so you can land right on top of the unsuspecting team. Paired with a Zarya or Rein ult and you are golden.


Reaper is a well-known Tank Killer. He will demolish most of the tanks in Overwatch. Plus he will shatter support heroes who can’t deal enough damage quickly. But to counter act on an unruly enemy Reaper, the big two are McCree or Pharah. McCree will win a range fight 99/100 times. And if Reaper tries to get closer he gets a quick flashbang and fan the hammer right to the chin. And Pharah has an infinite amount of range compared to Reaper so it’s not even a contest between the two.

But with those quick tips and a willingness to be patient, you will be a great Reaper in no time at all. With Roadhog slowly crawling his way back into competitive relevancy, Reaper will always be there to put him in his place.