Thanksgiving comes a week late to Arrow. Well not really, actually I’m a week late and I’m on the wrong day. Arrow was on Monday this week, thanks to crossover extravaganza. I’ll get to that later. On with the show, spoilers obviously.

It’s Thanksgiving day in Star City. Mayor Queen is helping out at a food drive for the holiday. The new SCPD headquarters is also being unveiled. In the middle of Oliver’s speech Agent Watson of the FBI arrests Oliver for being the Green Arrow.

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Agent Watson commandeered the SCPD to detain Oliver, adding more salt to the wound. Oliver really doesn’t seem all that worried other than the fact that William saw him get arrested. Oliver refuses to comply until he speaks to William.

Curtis has a prototype of Felicity’s chip ready for John’s arm. So at least Team Arrow has that going for for them. John’s main concern is if criminals think the Arrow is in prison the city will turn to chaos.

John was right because Black Siren and Cayden James are up to something. A heist of sorts. What they stole I don’t know.


Team Arrow is playing catch up, Cayden James made sure the alert wouldn’t show up in the cave. What they stole was a nanothermite, a reactive particle.

The State v. Oliver Queen.

The arraignment begins. Typical court room jargon. Luckily for Oliver the judge is letting him go on a 5 million dollar bail and a 5 hundred thousand dollar bond. Unfortunately Oliver isn’t rich anymore, Felicity might be able to help though.

At the Arrow Cave, John is looking fit as ever, looks like the chip worked. Cayden James strikes again, this time at Amertek. Team Arrow is alerted this time and the team is called into action.

Both parties arrive at roughly the same time and fighting ensues.

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John’s chip doesn’t seem to be fairing so well.

Arrow S06E07 Thanksgiving

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The Team had to leave him behind to further pursue Siren. The team isn’t doing so well without John. Siren and her team are able to get whatever they are there for. Rather than leaving Team Arrow alone, Black Siren decides to unleash her cry on a bunch of unstable chemicals, leading to an explosion and the probably destruction of the building and maybe Team Arrow.

Everyone made it out alive, yay but John’s in the hospital. I forgot Felicity wasn’t in the loop regarding John’s arm, she’s a little upset. Black Siren got away with 100 pounds of polymer bonded explosives.

The doc thinks John’s going through withdrawal but the prototype wasn’t helping it.

With the ingredients Cayden James has compiled he can create a thermobaric weapon. He can basically make a bomb with an explosion that lasts way longer than a regular bomb. I bet he isn’t cooking turkeys with that.

Some beef erupts between Curtis and Felicity. She’s salty that Curtis didn’t consult with her over using their prototype on John. That’s funny cause I don’t remember her consulting with Curtis when she told Oliver she’d pay for the his bail using money from investors of their company Helix whatever, which she also didn’t consult him on that name either.  They’re fighting but at least they created an algorithm to figure out where Cayden James will strike.

Oliver finally finds out about John’s tremor, he’s disappointed in John. Now they’re beefing.

Did you forget Thea’s in a coma? Cause I did.

Billy Joel is in town playing at Starling Garden and that is Cayden James supposed target. Apparently Rene is a fan of Billy Joel, I can dig it.

The team needs to get ready for action without John but Oliver has a possible fix. He wants to declare a state of emergency and close down the garden. The owner of the garden isn’t so helpful. He won’t cancel without proof.

The beef is over, John and Oliver reconcile. Bad news though, John’s nerve damage spread to his back and the steroid made it worse. If John keeps going out in the field he could become paralyzed. Perhaps it’s time for Oliver to return to the hood.

Holy smokes, looks like I was right Oliver is suiting back up.

Oliver is back in action. The team is on site looking for the bomb.


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Holy crap they actually got Billy Joel on the show.

The team tries to evacuate the building by pulling the fire alarm but the cops tell everyone that it’s a false alarm. When Rene starts shooting we find out the doors are locked. I don’t think those are real cops.

Oliver found the bomb and Cayden James but the bomb is a decoy. There was never a bomb, Cayden James used the “bomb” to bring Oliver out. James tells Oliver that his son is dead because of him. He just wanted to tell Oliver that so when he made the city burn Oliver knew why. And he escapes.

Arrow S06E07 Thanksgiving

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Uh oh someone leaked footage of Team Arrow beating the crap out of “cops” and just before voting ends on the anti-vigilante act.

The bill was passed, no surprise after that footage was released.

Oliver lied to William about being back in action but he says it’s okay cause he is just subbing.

Thea’s awake and Thanksgiving is actually celebrated. Felicity used some sciencey magic to get her to wake up.

My thoughts:

  • This season just keeps getting better and better.
  • Agent Watson is hella intimidating
  • Looks like Oliver is back in the hood, at least for a little while.
  • Billy Joel
  • Cayden James is way more diabolical than I thought. I wonder what he has planned.

Up next the crossover (which you probably already saw by now.)

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