Hello and welcome lovelies, to this week of Ghosted! I am actually starting to really enjoy this series. As a curious spirit, I’ve always been interested in Ghosts, and watched plenty of Ghost Hunters growing up. I still have the first 4 seasons. The fact this episode shows a ghost hunting series and makes fun of the whole genre, actually makes me smile. Guest starring Blake Anderson and Anders Holm as Jared and Chaz , two recreational druggies who star in the hit TV series, “Ghost Studs”. The problem? The two actually stumble into a real haunted mental hospital. So the Bureau Underground sends in Max and Leroy.

The guest stars are from a series called Workaholics, another comedy series that recently ended. Never seen it before, but I will say there were some nice one-liners, and I got a giggle. They are running around, eating shrooms, which is an illegal mushroom that commonly causes hallucinations, and accidentally get sucked into a portal to another dimension.

G 7.1

Courtesy © 2017 FOX

The portrayal of the ghost-like monsters (spirits?) was quite interesting. Like with episode 4, the monsters were low budget, but instead of being just horrible to look at, using Visqueen created shadow people behind tarps. Honestly would scare me half to death if I had a room full of clear plastic then figures appeared behind them. Nope. Leave that to Max.

Barry and Annie had a small storyline, Barry wanted a new chair, Deirdre the accountant took things away from the budget, like coffee, lamps, etc, to make room in the budget and make Barry become unpopular, and he ended up with a beanbag. Haha, break away from main plot…. kinda pointless story, but it was short, and doesn’t take away from Max and Leroy’s plot.

What is cool is that they did flesh out Leroy some more, making him want recognition, and the boys end up with fancy Ghost Studs jackets, so they get a reward for the first time. It makes sense after so many cases that Leroy would feel underappreciated. And Max, being the more caring of the two, was able to help him by getting the jackets.

G 7.2

Courtesy © 2017 FOX


I really am starting to get into the show, and absolutely love the pacing of these past few episodes. No need to introduce the characters anymore, we know the most important ones. I really cannot wait until Max’s wife returns, and I wonder if Leroy will wear the jacket again in a later episode!

Well, until next week, stay shiny!