The only way to defeat the darkness is to become the light.

That is what director Ava Duvernay hopes to leave you with at the end of her upcoming mega blockbuster – and it’s what she ends her first full length trailer with.

That’s right, not only was a new Wrinkle poster revealed last weekend, a new trailer for the movie was released during the American Music Awards. This new trailer is over 2 minutes long and shows us more of the beautiful world that has been created for this movie.

Once you get over the fact that Oprah has taken her true form as an all knowing god, that Reese Witherspoon has red hair, that Mindy Kaling is living her dream of being a movie star, and that Storm Reid has more talent in her pinky than the rest of us ever will, go back and look at the visuals because they are absolutely stunning.

This movie is already iconic because it is the first film with a budget exceeding 100 million dollars to ever be directed by a Black Woman. It also had one of the most diverse crews in the history of time, and reimagined Meg Murray as a young black girl, doing so much for representation and WOC everywhere.

Being able to recognize yourself on screen is such a gift and it’s a blessing that Ava is giving this gift to so many young women now with her art.

Be a warrior & check out A Wrinkle In Time in theatres March 9th.