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The world is at war – Call Of Duty: World War 2

Hey gamers! So if you haven’t heard because A.) you’ve been living under a rock, or B.) you just don’t care, Call Of Duty: World War II hit shelves on November 3rd, and absolutely rocked the gaming world. Now I know, Call Of Duty is a franchise that’s well known for its hit-or-miss First Person Shooter games, and honestly I was intensely worried I’d wasted $60.00 when I pre-ordered this game. While the Black Ops trilogy is pretty well-loved by fans, other games in the series tend to be forgotten as quickly as they’re released. But don’t let their history determine how you feel, instead allow yourself to experience the features of this game! First up, let’s talk about the storyline!

The Campaign:

Private Daniels

Private Raymond “Red” Daniels – Call Of Duty: World War 2

Private Raymond “Red” Daniels is a born and raised Texan who wants nothing more than to be a hero, like his big brother, Paul. Accompanied by his fellow soldiers, Privates’ Aiello, Zussman, and Stiles, gamers guide Daniels through the rough terrain and dark actions of World War II. I have to commend the creators, because they did not hold back on the darker aspects of The Holocaust. They didn’t downplay the racism and Xenophobia/religious intolerance that plagued the world during this time, nor did they downplay the horrific actions taking against Jewish people thanks to the Nazi party. They don’t hold back, and it’s refreshing to see that such an important event in history wasn’t downplayed or sugar-coated. The storyline itself was refreshingly addicting, which is a rarity for most FPS games like this. What’s more is you’ll see a lot of interesting faces in the game. For example, players will recognize the Commanding Officer, Sergeant Pierson, as A-list actor Josh Duhamel (Transformers, Life As We Know It). Honestly I’ve never been more fascinated by a campaign, and players will be delighted to learn that Daniels won’t be the only character they play as – but I’ll leave that as a surprise for those of you that haven’t gotten through it yet.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel As Sergeant Pierson – Call Of Duty: World War 2


In the original Beta test that I reviewed, which you can check out right here, we got the absolute bare minimum of multiplayer features, but damn if it wasn’t fun! Even with the barest of game-play, I had an absolute blast and got hooked onto Multiplayer like never before. Now that I’ve seen every feature available to us, honestly you’re all lucky I’m taking time away from my game-play to type this review. Call of Duty seems to have taken a page out of Bethesda’s book, because much like The Tower in Destiny 1&2, players are openly allowed to wander through the headquarters just off of Normandy Beach, where they can practice their skills on the shooting range, customize their character through the supply drops and look at your collections and contracts through the QuarterMaster.

The Headquarters

The Headquarters – Call Of Duty: World War 2

You can check your mail, where you’ll get surprise gifts and the coins necessary to purchase contracts, as well as visit your CO, Major Howard, to get your orders for the day. And here’s the best part, if you’re bored of dying repeatedly in the online games, but don’t want to put down your controller, you can visit the R&R tent. It’s at that station players can gear up and play classic Activision games like Pitfall 2, Seaquest, and about a dozen more. Some of the games are locked, and can be acquired via armory credits, which are earned during gameplay. How freakin’ cool is that?!

One thing that had me concerned originally was how the maps would look in Multiplayer, but I am absolutely impressed. Check out this fantastic list of maps:

Ardennes Forest: Beta-Tested

Aachen: Beta-Tested

Gustav Cannon: First played upon release

U.S.S. Texas: First played upon release (And seemingly a shoutout to Private Daniels’ Roots.)

Flak Tower: First played upon release

Gibraltar: Beta-Tested

London Docks: First played upon release

Saint Marie Du Monte: First played upon release

Pointe Du Hoc: beta-tested

Now, don’t think these are the only maps you’ll get, because in classic Call Of Duty Fashion, DLC maps will be available for purchase and play throughout the year. While I’m already impressed that 2 out of 3 of the major features of this game are a blast to play, the fact that the third one is just as fantastic blows my mind. Which brings us to the final feature…

Nazi Zombies:

Nazi Zombies

Nazi Zombies – Call Of Duty: World War 2

Upon entering the Nazi Zombies game, players will recognize a handful of the characters, which are as follows: David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) is Drostan Hynde, Elodie Yung (Netflix/Marvel’s Daredevil) is Olivia Durant, Udo Kier (Blade) is Doktor Peter Straub, Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) is Marie Fischer, and Ving Rhames (Dawn Of The Dead, Con Air, Pulp Fiction) is Jefferson Potts. The story opens with this rag tag group of ruffians going over a briefing of strange experiments that the Nazis were conducting. Their discussion is interrupted when a gigantic…Nazi…monster…thingie-majig flips their train car and scatters the crew to the wind. Your character blinks themselves awake and stumbles away from the wreckage. And I won’t spoil it from there, but just know that it’s absolutely FREAKING AMAZING. There are a couple of jump scares, but keep in mind I started this at three o’clock in the morning. The second the first zombie popped out at me, I quickly decided this was a day-time-all-lights-in-the-house-on-and-doors-locked kind of game.

To have a Call Of Duty game where all three major features are phenomenal is…my heavens, it’s absolutely out of this world. So gear up and get going, we’ve got some Nazis to fight!

David Tenant

David Tennant as Drostan Hynd – Call Of Duty: World War 2