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Photo Source: Unsplash (Tim Marshall)

The holidays are approaching, and that means that the time for giving has approached.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking buying presents has gotten ridiculous, which we can all agree with I’m sure. You end up thousands of dollars in debt just for one day of delight, and before you know it, everything that you paid for is tossed to one side or forgotten about. Or if by chance you’re a parent,  your one-year-old decides to play with the boxes instead of the toys in them. Lucky for you I’m not talking about merchandise or Christmas wish list extravagances. Nope, the topic at hand is surrounded around a few charities that I thought deserve some attention, hence the giving.

Yes, these charities are nerd-friendly, so that makes them that much more awesome.  Who wouldn’t like to help out organizations and charities that are surrounded by video games, toys, and comics? Not to mention they do a lot to help out those in need.

Without further interruptions here are a few charities to get you into the giving mood

Charity Nerds


Charity Nerds is an organization that helps children and their families go through the healing process with the power of play.  They provide children and their family with video games and video game consoles. This program is for children who have extensive stays in hospitals.

Through donations and tournaments, they are able to raise money for the games and consoles they give the children.  The games and consoles range from retro consoles like the N64 to the more modern PS4.

Charity Nerds was created by Heath, who as a child was hospitalized for an extended period of time. While he was hospitalized his friend brought him something that would change his life forever – a Nintendo DS.

Charity Nerds believe that video games are the perfect distraction during the difficult days that the children and their families are facing during their hard times spent in the hospital.

Now, like most charities/organizations this one runs on donations and they rely on individuals and businesses alike for money to buy the needed items or just to donate the items. Not only do they rely on donations but volunteers as well.

If you are interested in helping out here is some helpful information:


Business and individuals are always needed and they will work with you to tailor a sponsorship package.


If you would like to donate, go to their site and click on their donate tab, it’s pretty simple. Here are the donation amounts if you would like to get an idea about their donations

  1.  $25 donation older/used video game
  2. $50 donation new video game
  3. $75 older /retro console
  4. $400 a brand new console

You can donate cash or consoles.  There is more info available on the page.

Stream Team

Charity Nerds hosts campaigns on Tiltify. Video games are played live to entertain and raise support for organizations and people that Charity Nerds is helping in the community. They are recruiting volunteers for the stream team as well.

Childs Play


Photo Source: Child’s Play


Childs Play Charity is an organization that helps children heal through the power of play through video games, toys, books and age-appropriate entertainment.

Since 2003, they have raised $44 million dollars for the different hospitals and domestic abuse shelters they donate to.

They not only help out children in hospitals, but they also help out children in domestic violence shelters. They provide these children with a Childs Play Game Center in which children have opportunities for positive engagement, distractions, and play.

Hero Initiative 


Hero Initiative is a charity to help comic book artists in need. It was started in 2000 by Jim McLauchlin, who has been a writer/editor since 1989. This awesome charity has a team of superheroes all working together to help the artists that need their help. The talent that makes up Hero Initiative are artists, creators, and writers that have worked on comics like the Justice League, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Guardians of the Galaxy.

This charity helps provide a safety net financially for comic creators in need of emergency medical aid and financial support for the everyday essentials of life, not to mention a way back into work that pays. They have been fortunate enough to help out 50 creators and their families, that’s about $950,000 worth of aid.

If you know a comic book artist in need or are one yourself and are wondering how to get help:

  • Submit work history; comic book writer, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer on a work for hire basis no less than 10 years since Jan 1, 1934
  • provide evidence of financial need – that means providing adequate evidence of financial need via verbal and written documentation.

More info is provided at the site as well as the forms for help and volunteering.

I hope that’s given you some ideas about trying to help out in your community.  As a person that has used organizations/charities for help during times of crisis, I can’t tell you how awesome it feels when people go out of their way and lend a hand. Seriously there have been times in my life where I didn’t know what I would have done without the help that was offered. Not only did it mean a lot to me, but my children and loved ones as well. I hope that the spirit of giving goes beyond the holidays, but it’s a start.  Here’s to the holidays and to all the joy they bring!