Chapter Sixty-Nine

Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

It isn’t often that a show literally leaves me with my mouth hanging open, but Jane The Virgin did it to me last week.

More on that in a bit.

Gotta build that suspense.

Jane’s BFF Lina is back in town for her and her fiancé’s bachelor/bachelorette party, which was murder mystery themed, at his request. It didn’t make much sense to Jane…or Lina, really. She urged Jane to get to know her fiancé and help her decide if he’s really the right guy for her. Her biggest fear: Is he too plain and boring? Originally, Jane feared he might be, but after realizing just how well he knows Lina and cares for her, Jane gives him the seal of approval. Shortly after that, Lina realizes her fiancé is actually kinda sorta the male version of Jane! No wonder they work out so well!

Wondering if Rafael ever made it off the ground after our conclusion last time? He did. Barely. All skinned up, limping, sprained, and fractured, Rafael returns to the Villanueva household in a terrible mood, ready to hear the “I told you so” speech from Jane. This hurts Jane, understandably, and it takes her a while to work up the courage to be emotionally vulnerable with Raf and care for him, as a loving family member, because “family shows up”. Honestly, maybe it was just me as a crazy Jafael shipper, but their scenes this week made me tear up several times! Jane’s support led Rafael to support his struggling sister, Luisa, who, prompted by Anezka mentioning she was talking to an imaginary person named Carl, is dealing with another mental breakdown. But…….once again……more on this in a bit.


Jane also learned a surprising fact about her boo Adam last week: he’s bisexual! You know, if you’re into those heteronormative labels…this shook Jane, even though she tried to pretend it didn’t. She worried he’s attracted to a bunch of the attractive guys he meets, and she worries that maybe he’d rather be with a guy than her. These inquisitive thoughts led to some very hysterical scenes where Jane questioned her own sexuality. The one with the waitress had me laughing out loud. For real. In the end, Adam and Jane overcame this minor speed bump, and I’m continuing to wonder what Adam’s role actually is in the narrative. Is he endgame? Is he just a place holder? Is he secretly evil? Who knows with this show.

Which finally leads us to…

Xo and Ro

heh I did it again. Sorry. Almost there.

Xiomara is sick of the pill and Rogelio’s more…ahem…rudimentary methods, so she asks him to get a vasectomy. This drives him mad, and he refuses, then agrees, the refuses, then agrees, etc. we find out that it’s not just because he likes his manhood. It’s because he’s been feeling real old. And this procedure would make him feel even older. Get over some of this fantasy, Ro! You have lots of grey hair!!


For real this time.

Let’s discuss the craziness (in every sense of the word). After Anezka let’s it spill that Luisa seems to be hanging out with an imaginary man named Carl, Rafael gets involved to suggest she gets help, before she has another breakdown. She’s so touched by Rafael’s willingness to help her that she gives him back her shares. The only problem is, Luisa is in “poor mental health” and can’t make sound decisions, so instead of Rafael, all of her shares go to her previous second…Anezka. She OWNS THE MARBELLA NOW. And guess who comes into screen shortly after Anezka? Carl!! Yep. He’s real. This was all part of Magda and Anezka’s plan.

Lets hope one of them is the one who dies soon.