It’s been ten years since Jay and Gloria (Ed O’Neil and Sofia Vergara) tied the knot, and their wedding anniversary party has caused the whole family to act out in a frenzy and re-evaluate their relationships.

The Dunphys (Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen) run into a snag when Phil gets ready to perform a magic stunt at Jay and Gloria’s anniversary party. After arriving at a magic shop to get a much-needed prop, Phil finds out that his life could have been a whole lot different if he’d been at home to take an important phone call.

Phil’s (Burrell) stunt causes creative differences at the Tucker-Pritchett (Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson) household. After finding out that Phil is performing at the party, Cam decides to add his musical flair to the show. Mitchell, thinking it’s a bad idea since Cam is known for being overly theatrical with his performances, gets suckered in on the act. The outcome of the musical number is a catchy one indeed.

Meanwhile, Jay has problems of his own when he decides to “ban” Manny from the house in order for Manny (Rico Rodriguez) to get some much needed college experiences, thinking that Manny not being at the anniversary party won’t be an issue. The morning of the party, Jay can see that maybe Manny not being around wasn’t the best idea. Gloria, on the other hand, is overwhelmed with her own issues.

Great episode, ” Ten Years Later” is not only hilarious, like every episode of Modern Family, but it shows what happens and what relationships are capable of enduring with just a little work and magic. It also informs us that Gloria’s hot sauce business is still very much alive, honestly, we all forgot about that last season.

The next Modern Family episode, ” Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner ” will air November 15.