This was a pretty good episode. There was solid action and it left me wanting more. Spoilers ahead obviously.

Next of Kin opens with a twist on Oliver’s opening monologue. This time Oliver says that John Diggle is the Green Arrow. I actually thought that was a really cool touch.

The episode opens with the new Green Arrow leading the team in an attempt to capture Alex Faust. They do this really cool thing where John jumps of a building and Canary blasts him with her cry to push him onto another building. Super cool. John kicks some ass and the team apprehends Faust.

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Back at the Arrow Cave, John tells Felicity that sooner or later people are going to find it strange that the Green Arrow isn’t shooting arrows. Apparently her and Curtis are working on something to fix that. I’m thinking that has something to do with his nerve damage and less to do with his abilities. Dinah must’ve been thinking the same as me. John claims it is because he isn’t an archer but she thinks it’s his nerve damage. She worries that he is compromised but John claims the tremor is gone.

Oliver Queen makes William scrambled eggs. They’re William’s favorite, mine too. Crazy that’s my name too. Too bad my dad isn’t Oliver Queen, I’d even be totally okay with him being a vigilante. I digress.

Oliver doesn’t really get to enjoy this fatherly moment because William is bugging over a math test and Oliver isn’t really the math or school type.

Oliver now at the City Hall himself is looking for some fatherly advice from Quentin. Oliver doesn’t know how to handle William’s school problems unfortunately for Oliver that’s not Quentin area of expertise that was Dinah Lance’s department.

Agent Watson is waiting in Oliver’s office. She isn’t fooled by the new Green Arrow, she noticed the lack of arrows fired. She also berates him for undercutting the police in Star City by supporting vigilantes. Speaking of vigilantes, where the hell is Vigilante? Anyways Lance agrees with her and Oliver sets him out on finding a solution.

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Now at Kord Industries. They keep showing Kord Industries would it really be that hard to bring in the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord has got to be some where in the Arrowverse.

Anyways a woman shows up at Kord Industries in like the server room or something and takes out everyone with some t-sphere looking flash bang and steals some info.

Now the aftermath. Apparently that woman killed everyone. The police are there and putting sheets on everyone. Dinah is there on behalf of the police and Team Arrow. After getting the 411 she plugs a USB in to one of the Kord Industries computers to give Felcity and Curtis access to the system.

Quentin calls Oliver with news. He thinks he has a solution for their vigilante problems. Councilman Pollard is in the early stages of drafting anti-vigilante legislation. Quentin wants Oliver to back it. Quentin thinks Oliver would be able to tailor to his needs. Oliver doesn’t want to support it especially since he just put John in the Green Arrow hood.

Oliver is just like a sitcom dad. He stops buy Felicity’s to give her an afternoon snack. Oliver needs Thea right about now but she’s not around so Felicity is his next best option. Things get a bit flirty. And they are interrupted by a call from Curtis. Our mystery woman downloaded a transport schedule for the movement of a very dangerous nerve gas. The thought is she wants to get her hands on the nerve gas.

Next some truck driver banter but they are cut short by the Green Arrow standing in the middle of the road.

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Green Arrow and company are there to warn them of the danger they are in.


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This leads to Green Arrow riding in the cab of the truck with the two men and Black Canary, Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific in the back of the truck. John engages in the aforementioned truck driver banter until the truck abruptly stops.

With John outside the truck to investigate an attack ensues just as he finds an ignition blocker. The mystery woman comes out of no where she shots John in the chest and the truck drivers in the dome.

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John’s down for the moment but the rest of the team surprises her when she opens the back up. She throws up her crazy flash bangs and her team is revealed as they take down the rest of Team Arrow.

With all the members of Team Arrow down for the moment. The mysterious woman and her team steal the nerve gas by loading it into a van and steal the truck itself.

Wild Dog and John are the first to recover and Dog looks to the new Green Arrow on what to do next. Go after the van or the truck. John just freezes and Rene takes matters into his own hands and runs after the truck. Dinah and Curtis follow suit. They are too late though. The driver jumped from the truck and the truck crashed into a building, exploding on impact.

Back to the Arrow Cave. Felicity asks “what the hell happened out there?” Rene doesn’t even hesitated to throw John under the bus and it just replies with “Ask him, dude just froze.” The first thing John asks is if there were any causalities. Luckily there weren’t any everyone got out but two are in critical condition. Rene just continues to berate him. John apologizes and says it has never happened to him before. Dinah backs him up and chocks it up to fog of war. She suggests they all put it behind them.

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Onyx Adams is the name of the mystery woman, facial recognition finally came back. She was the leader of a CIA black-ops squad working undercover in Syria. The squad disappeared in 2015 with 100 million dollars in gold. Rene is curious about their flash bangs and Curtis is wondering what their motives are if they have all that money. John instructs Felicity to scour the dark web for info. John tries to apologize again and Dinah tells him they are all supposed to move on.

Now at City Hall, Oliver and Lance discuss the Team’s action last night. With the Team’s screw up Pollard plans to enact her legislation. Oliver asks Lance to make sure she doesn’t have the votes.

Back to the Arrow Cave. John thanks Dinah for having his back. She didn’t do it for him she did it because the team needs a leader. At this point she is more worried about his head than hand. John confides in her that he just isn’t used to making the hard calls alone, someone has always been there to back him up.

Felicity has found the missing CIA team. There was originally 8, there were 5 that attacked the truck. 3 of the team members defected back to the CIA, 2 of them died in “terrorist attacks.” The Team believes Onyx used the alleged terrorist attacks to cover up the murders. Nobody can know about the gold and 1 is left, Reynolds. Onyx has used the gas before and it’s deadly, like super deadly.

Family man Oliver tries to tackle William’s math problems again. But William leaves him stumped when he asks him about quadratic equations. William can’t waste anytime talking to someone that can’t help him. Doorbell to the rescue.

It’s Rene. He tells Ollie all about the John troubles and asks him to come back, a lot of lives are on the line.

Oliver makes a surprise visit to the Arrow Cave to ask Felicity to tutor William in math and to check in on John. Of course Felicity agrees to helping.

Oliver comments on John and his role reversal. Oliver finding John in the Cave brooding instead of the other way around. John asks who talked to him but Oliver denies anyone coming to him. Oliver asks if John wants to actually be the Green Arrow. He realizes it’s a lot to ask for, John has a family to think about too. That’s not John’s problem, he just doesn’t think he can do. He wonders how Oliver did it. Oliver tells him there would be no Green Arrow without John Diggle. The only reason there is a Green Arrow is because John had faith in Oliver and now John has to have faith in himself. With faith in himself John can be better than Oliver ever was.

Onyx and her team plan their attack on Reynolds and they are not afraid of the Green Arrow.

Felicity and William bond over math and Oliver “Danny Tanner” Queen surprises them with homemade Monte Cristos and they look damn good. He made them on waffles. Hold on I’m hungry.

William asks for Felicity to keep tutoring him. Curtis found Reynolds and Felicity excuses herself. She didn’t even take a sandwich with her, what a travesty. I would’ve taken all the sandwiches.

At the Arrow Cave it is go time. Rene is still worried about John’s judgement out there.

Looks like Reynolds was hiding at a hotel but Onyx and crew found him. Onyx is in the hotel and drops what must be a canister of gas in a trash can.

The CCTV in the building has been cut thus taking away an advantage for the team but Curtis has created glasses that should hinder their flash bangs from affecting them so that’s a plus.

The Arrow Team slow-mo jumps into the lobby. They all look really cool. Diggle divides them into teams. Canary and Terrific are sent to find the gas and Diggle and Dog are on evac duty.

Curtis’ glasses work. Fighting ensues. With zero hesitation Onyx sets off the gas. John freezes.

For a moment.

Canary and Curtis are on the gas. Canary is able to slow its movement down by yelling at it. Dog and Dig are going after Reynolds.

They need to burn the gas to neutralize it.

Onyx beats Diggle to Reynolds. Before she can shoot him John arrives and they fight, obviously. The fight was actually pretty good. John subdued her, of course.

The building is evacuated and the Team burns the gas. All civilians are safe and accounted for.

Onyx and her team have been taken down and Reynolds is going to serve justice as well. They are all criminals.

“Good work, hoss.” – Dog to Dig

Back at the Arrow Cave the Team celebrates their victory and Rene comes clean about going to Oliver.

The Green Monster is revealed. The fix to John’s archer problems. It’s a crossbow that shoots arrows instead of bolts and it looks hella badass. John tests it out doing the classic tennis ball skeet shooting we’ve seen from Oliver. John hits every single ball. Dinah asks if they put stabilizers on it. Nope that aim is all John Diggle. Looks like the tremor is really gone even Dinah is convinced.

At City Hall Quentin tells Oliver the anti-vigilante bill is going to pass. Oliver has one last thing up his sleeve. After an excellent speech he evokes chapter nine of the city charter which makes the bill a city wide referendum. The people of Star City will decide. Power moves only from Oliver Queen.

Oliver’s play pushes Watson even closer to the truth as we see her whiteboard of the Green Arrow where she hangs up a picture of John while saying “who are you protecting?” Things aren’t looking good.

Oliver surprises Felicity at her apartment again. This time with a gift. William got an A. The gift is a key to Oliver’s apartment. According to Oliver, his life and William’s life would be better with Felicity in it. They kiss and I guess Olicity is back.

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The episode closes in a seedy part of town where an unknown man pays another man for a brief case. The case contains a syringe and a very shaky man injects himself. It’s John! The shake goes away. Oh man, John what are you getting yourself into.

My thoughts:

  • Love the Green Monster
  • Not sure how I feel about the return of Olicity
  • As odd as it is I do like seeing the fatherly side of Oliver
  • I think the city will vote down the bill
  • Watson is on to something
  • Clearly whatever John is doing isn’t going to end well

I’m still aggravated that they literally unparalyzed Felicity yet they can’t do anything about John’s nerve damage. I know he didn’t tell anyone other than Dinah but surely they could come up with a fix for him.

Until next Thursday!

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