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Source: Epic Games

The free-to-play battle royale shooter that’s been giving the PUBG team a headache has a new update on the way:

In a video released yesterday, two Epic Games team members went over proposed changes to the game and answered questions that fans had fielded. Voice chat, already functional on PC, is in the works for console. More guns are definitely on the way. A new consumable item which heals the user over time to >75% health as well as giving them a shield buff is also being played with.

Other proposed updates include big changes to assault rifles, making them more accurate while moving, reducing their spread but increasing their recoil. This will make winning a gunfight more skill-based and leave less up to chance. The team is also testing changing from a hitscan hit detection system to a projectile-based system, so players will have to lead their shots leading to more “realistic” gunplay rather than pointing directly at their enemies.

Improvements to customization options for weapon scopes are also coming, and players can already adjust them somewhat in the in-game settings. Character progression, aim assist fixes, new console control schemes, and SMG utility are being worked on. Environmental deployables like jump pads have big changes on the way. Visible grenade arcs are almost a sure thing, and items that don’t take up inventory space such as ammo will now automatically be picked up when the player walks over them.

Overall, it doesn’t seem like Epic Games is willing to let go of their rival to PUBG anytime yet, and with it being free to play, players have a much lower barrier to entry than with other games of its genre. If you’re interested, head on over to Epic Game’s site and give it a shot.