You find yourself in a strange forest with creatures beyond your wildest imagination and stumble upon a sword lying on a pedestal. Do you take the sword and begin your journey to defeat your longtime foe? Of course, you do and in Renaine, you do just that. Renaine is a platformer role-playing game that stars Aine, a glorious Phoenix Knight, that dons a marvelous orange cape and plume atop her head. Aine’s mission in life? To defeat The Dragon.

Renaine plays similarly to the classic Mario games however, has its own twist. The pixilated landscape is dark and mysterious while the characters bring forth a pop of color. In the demo one will explore the Shellwood Village and meet some interesting characters. The Tall Woman, who is reminiscent of Princess Bubblegum and is looking for a tall man to call her own, Castaldo, a proud merchant, and Mr. Octopus a doting salesman. One will begin act one and start slaying Shyshrooms, helicopter hat foes, mages, and flying swordfish. These enemies leave behind coins that can be used to purchase abilities and other weapons.

The music found in Renaine reminds players of the classic games they grew up with but with a funky twist. Mason Lieberman composed the tunes and according the KickStarter the creative team will be utilizing live music in their finished product. I found myself entranced by the music and unwilling to quit playing.

Squidly, Carrion, Mason Lieberman, and Harry Lodes have created a game that people, like myself, will find wildly addicting, enchanting, and straight up fun. I look forward to the finished product and helping Aine slay The Dragon. Overall, Renaine, the knight with the orange plume, is a hero to all.


Gameplay Image via Renaine Team

The featured image and the gameplay snapshot was created by the Renaine team and can be found here.