I believe the Governor was a no good son of a #&(&$. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Rick Grimes and his groups have had some memorable enemies, I know the likely thought process is that Negan is the ultimate worse. But I believe that if you step back and think this is actually a very close comparison. We will start with the Governor, who, if you read the comics, and the accompanying books has been “neutered” for the show.

The Governor put up a false act, which I can understand and not hold against him, it also can be argued that Negan has lived longer and has learned more about this world and has adapted.

  • The Governor tortured Glenn, and mentally tortured Maggie.
  • He used walkers as a sport, a form of entertainment instead of an added line of defense.
  • In his quest for power, he killed members of the national guard for supplies.
  • He kills Merle
  • He tried to take over the prison, and in turn killed over 20 members of his town when it didn’t work out.
  • He left Milton to die to turn into a walker, and in turn killed Andrea.
  • He burned down his former town in a rage, Woodburry.
  • After being lost, and found again, he kills Martinez to be a leader.
  • Kills Hershel
  • Destroys prison.

All in all, if you add things up, the Governor sure ran crazy for awhile, this doesn’t even take into account his fish tanks of walker heads or keeping Penny as a walker alive in his room.

Now let’s take a look at Negan the leader of the Saviors.


I hope Negan doesn’t take anything I say wrong, I don’t want to meet Lucille that badly. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

  • He kills Abraham, and Glenn, two beloved characters right off the bat……in a brutal fashion, that was a major cliff hanger, and yes changed the dynamic of the show. But you have to remember this was after Rick and company killed many of Negan’s men. They sort of had something coming.
  • Captured Daryl and made him listen to Easy Street so much I hated the song to a point where I sneakily like it now.
  • After getting a better idea of what he does, he has killed an unknown amount of people from the settlements of Kingdom, Hilltop, and the inhabitants that Tara found at Oceanside that left their post.
  • Killed Spencer in a gruesome fashion.
  • Took Eugene as a prisoner for building bullets.
  • Could in a round about way be a cause of Sasha’s death, though after she broke into the Sanctuary to try to kill Negan.
  • Killed his settlements doctor.
  • We also can’t forget, he didn’t kill Carl, he showed him around after Carl killed someone from his home, returned Carl back to Alexandria unharmed, and even made Carl spaghetti.

Yes, plenty of information we still don’t know about Negan, and yes he is alive and things could continue to add up in his direction, but if you take emotion out of it, it’s a very different comparison. This also doesn’t take into account the amount of people he safely protects in his compound for better or for worse.

Did I forget an important piece? Do you agree or disagree, please share your feedback I’m curious to know.