Chip Screenshot closeup

Source: Unocero

Inside of every Xbox One X lives a tiny Master Chief. Etched into the circuit board is a stylized image of Halo’s longtime hero mounted atop a scorpion, a fun way to incorporate both the new console’s code name while it was in development (Project Scorpio), and also reference the tank Master Chief often rode, the Scorpion.

Youtube channel Unocero can be credited with this discovery, or at least being one of the first to document it. In their video, they travel around Microsoft’s campus in Seattle and explore things such as soundproofed rooms, motion-capture rigs, Xbox One X prototypes, and much more, as well as taking apart Microsoft’s newest console.

Chip Screenshot

Source: Unocero

But this isn’t the first time excited Xbox fans have found surprises like this inside their consoles. Previously, Ifixit found one in their teardown of the Xbox One S, again featuring Master Chief, this time laser-engraved on the bracket for the optical drive. Skip to 1:13 in this video for another look.

Kotaku, Ifixit

Source: Ifixit, Kotaku

It’s of course very cool that Microsoft has decided to include these homages to a monolith of their gaming history, but even more so that they make the effort knowing that most people will probably never see them.

At $499, the Xbox One X is primed to be the most powerful console in history, with native 4K gaming facilitated by an overclocked 8-core CPU and 12GB of DDR5 RAM. If you’re an Xbox fan, keep an eye out next month for its release on November 7th.