Another night, another streaming service horror gem to find. I was absolutely thrilled when I found The House at the End of Time on Netflix! This film was the first Venezuelan supernatural thriller, and director Alejandro Hidalgo truly went out of his way to make sure that it was an undeniable success. Loaded with an intricate storyline and shiver-inducing frights, this flick is sure to keep you hooked.

The story revolves around Dulce, a mother of two boisterous boys, who is stuck in a loveless and dead-end marriage. Despite their parents’ relationship, the boys, Leopoldo and Rodrigo have a cheerful childhood and get along as well as young brothers can. But, time jump! 30 years pass, and Dulce returns to her family’s home after being held in prison for the murders of her husband and her son Leopoldo. After her return, she is forced to relive painful memories and try to cope with the impossible things that happen in the house.

I know it sounds odd. But stay with me. This movie has a ton of layers to be pulled back, and the story of her past needs to be drawn out through the film to allow that to happen. So, don’t give up too soon if you feel like it’s a bit slow, or kind of weird.

Dulce invites a local priest and blind medium to help her dig into the history of the house, and each discovery they make is another layer gone. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies utilize this technique, but very few have mastered it like this. The reveals in this film can apply to either the plot or the characters, pulling from places and times that are completely unexpected. And with each reveal comes more emotion—yeah, you’re gonna get hit right in the feels with this one—that is quickly balanced out with something thrilling and terrifying. Those moments are cleverly intermingled with the overall tone of tension and suspense. You might be able to see some of these moments coming, but you’ll certainly be caught off guard with the next.

One thing I can say with certainty is that if you enjoy being thoroughly mind-f*****, you need to watch this movie. I know foreign films can be off-putting at times, but this one is absolutely worth it. Hidalgo manages to capture and evoke a wide range of emotions throughout the movie and delivers both subtle and upfront scares as needed. The storyline may seem a bit ‘eh’ at first, but once it gets going, it’s a continuous snowball of “OH S***” and “NO WAY” moments that will keep you glued to your seat. The title of the movie alone is enough to draw conclusions about the nature of the film.

(Fun fact: The original Venezuelan title, La Casa del fin de los Tiempos, actually translates to “The House at the End of Times”, not “The House at the End of Time”. I personally think this is extremely important to keep in mind while you watch the movie. It’ll mess with your head more, but also possibly help you figure things out as the plot unfolds!)

So, fluff your favorite couch cushion, grab some snacks (and maybe some tissues), and prepare for a mind-blowing scare tonight. Let your mind become immersed in the impossibilities Hidalgo brings to life in his film and revel in his brilliance. Whether you watch it on Netflix, Amazon, or even YouTube, The House at the End of Time is one flick you won’t want to skip this fall!