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Last week I left you with a question – how long would You’re the Worst keep Jimmy and Gretchen apart? As it turns out – not long at all. This week in the episode titled Odysseus, Jimmy returned to LA from his self-induced exile, much like the hero of the Odyssey returning home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. But it is not a hero’s welcome that Jimmy receives, as those he left behind, namely Edgar and Gretchen, will eventually demand answers for his behavior.

This week, Jimmy finally returned home only to find Edgar and Lindsay in his bed. After the initial shock, Jimmy asks about Gretchen, and Lindsay tells him that she has moved on and that he shouldn’t look for her. Advice that he promptly ignores.

Elsewhere, Gretchen gets a text message from Lindsay warning her that Jimmy is back, so she tries to avoid him by hanging out at Ty’s dreadful yoga party. While trying to drown her fears in the wine cellar, she meets Ty’s friend Boone. The two eventually spend the day together avoiding Jimmy with booze, karaoke and sex, Gretchen’s favorite activities.

At the end of the night, Gretchen decides she will angrily confronts Jimmy at his house where she storms in, loudly repeats his text message back to him: “HEY. DOT. DOT. DOT!”, then abruptly leaves. JImmy and Edger follow her back to Lindsay’s where she and Jimmy have a confrontation in the street. While Jimmy is able to muster an apology, he can’t leave well enough alone and chastises Gretchen for daring to call their relationship “a family”. Jimmy twists himself into a pretzel blaming Gretchen for the breakup and she feigns regret. At first blush, Gretchen seems to take responsibility for Jimmy’s actions, and Jimmy is pleased that things can go back to normal. However, Gretchen’s anger clearly shines through when Jimmy tries to share the advance copy of his book with her. When he tosses it to her, she allows it to fall to the floor, all the while maintaining mischievous eye contact with Jimmy. As the episode ends, Gretchen and Lindsey leave Jimmy outside to utter the phrase “This is fine” as someone literally lights a dumpster on fire behind him.

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