My Hero Academia Season 2 – Episode 23

We are coming really close to the end of this arc and probably this season. So I am trying to savor as much as I can week by week. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself after this season is done…

But for now we open up this episode with Uraraka and Yuga facing off against the pro hero Thirteen. She is using hero vacuum ability to trap both of them. But they are hanging on for dear life! Uraraka thinks to herself, “What would Midoriya do in this situation?”. As she was thinking of a plan, Yuga chimes in and asks Uraraka if she is thinking of what Midoriya would do. He then follows up asking if she likes Midoriya. This makes Uraraka blush but also makes her let go! She is being sucked in towards Thirteen! But as she got closer, her instincts kicked in from pro hero Gunhead and she quickly throws handcuffs on to Thirteen! They passed as well!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Next up we have the pair of Ashido and Kaminari against principal Nezu. They seem to be in the same urban, piped area from a couple of episodes back. The two are running and kind of plan to take things on as they come. It’s not an easy task to plan against principal Nezu because of how uncertain they are of what his quirk might be. As they try to make their way towards the exit, they here an abrupt noise. They see that the pipe and construction is toppling around them! They know the principal must be up to this. The reason the structures around them are crumbling is because principal Nezu is on a crane! His quirk is revealed as advanced calculations. He can make precise, complicated, real-time calculations in an instant. So he is toppling over a certain area in the field of battle to make a domino effect to eventually cut off each exit route one by one! Even with Ashido’s acid to burn through the rubble, they ran out of time and fail their exam.

And next is the duo of Koda and Jiro. They will be facing off against Present Mic who, with his sound based quirk, will be interesting against Jiro who also has a sound based quirk. The area surrounding them is just a giant, circular area in the middle of a forest. Present Mic is standing directly in front of the exit waiting for them to come out. He is also creating a giant sound wave from his own voice. It is unbearably loud and Jiro is trying to figure out the best plan. Koda, with the ability to control animals, wouldn’t be able to call upon normal animals because they will get scared off from the noise. While taking cover from the directional sound waves, Jiro notices an ant on a big rock. This gave her an idea. She asks Koda if he is also able to control insects and he responds with a shriek of terror.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

She then asks again if it is possible for Koda to control insects. He says it is possible but he is still too scared to. Jiro reminds him that he came to this school to be a hero, and it’s the only possible way. Koda still seemed unsure but he then takes a look at Jiro’s ears. She’s bleeding! This sets Koda over the edge. He reluctantly tells a massive group of bugs to stop the man responsible for the noise. Present Mic still stands around waiting for them. His eyes fixed on what’s in front of him, but he was not expecting a surprise attack from below where sound doesn’t travel! The massive group of insects entangle Present Mic in themselves and he is in utter shock. Jiro and Koda breeze through the gates with a passing grade!

And now we got Hagakure and Shoji up against Pro Hero Snipe. They worked great together with Shoji being a great distraction while the invisible Hagakure cuffs Snipe. They pass. And now second to last is Mineta and Sero vs Midnight. Mineta has already given up with Sero immediately being put to sleep thanks to Midnight’s quirk. He gets a good distance away from Midnight but he uses this time to self reflect. He thinks about what his purpose is to be a hero. And the purpose being that he wants to be popular with chicks. Recovery girl, who is in the viewing room with the other students, tells them that students with the goal of just becoming heroes is too broad. You need to find something specific that will eventually lead you up to becoming a hero. Mineta’s goal isn’t exactly a noble goal, but it is a goal that keeps him focussed.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Eventually Midnight finds Mineta and corners him. One single breath and he will be out like a light. But luckily with some of Sero’s spare tape, he is able to breath through Midnights sleep aroma like a gas mask. Mineta takes some of his sticky balls and attaches them to Midnight’s whip. She is immobilized long enough for Mineta to run free with Sero to the goal! Now with most of Class 1-A done with their practical exam, it is time for Midoriya and Bakugo vs All Might!

But that will be next episode! Such a tease! I cannot wait for all the emotions and (hopefully) the teamwork and strategy!

Till next time everybody!

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