After bad reviews from critics and financial disappointment from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice and Suicide Squad, a success from Wonder Woman has helped keep Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe alive – both financially and in the hearts of fans. The Wonder Woman home video release includes an incredible epilogue scene, teasing a mission for Steve Trevor’s personal assistant Etta Candy which could potentially connect to Justice League.


In the scene, we see Etta Candy talking about a top-secret mission to recover something very powerful and mysterious to America before it goes in the wrong hands. This ‘odd and powerful’ thing is most likely to be a Mother Box – an object that possess wondrous powers and abilities not understood even by their users. A mother box is also one of the objects villain Steppenwolf will be hunting on behalf of Darkseid in Justice League. In Justice League we will see Earth attacked by power-hungry and evil Apokoliptian ruler – Darkseid. As Steppenwolf is the leader of Darkseid’s elite army, it would be more than likely that we see him looking for the same Mother Box that Etta Candy and her crew recover to America.


Steppenwolf (leader of Darkseid’s elite army)    Source: YouTube

Also, a Mother Box would be handed to S.T.A.R Labs – where Silas Stone held his son Victor and eventually created Cyborg. Furthermore, moving the Mother Box to America perfectly ties Etta Candy with Cyborg’s origin story and so this painfully short epilogue adds a lot to the DCEU, knitting the stories together and making it all connected.

The location of all other Mother Boxes on Earth is what the Justice League will be protecting from Drakseid’s army and so this is likely to be what unites all the heroes to work together. Moving on from Mother Boxes, this epilogue shows how Wonder Woman is still reshaping the DCEU for us and Justice League has to meet a lot of expectations from fans.