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Do you think you know who the killer is yet?

At this point, a good detective drama, like Broadchurch, should have presented enough clues so that you can make an accurate guess. At this point, I, personally, have narrowed it down to two primary suspects:

Jim Atwood and Clive Lucas

This week, the focus shifted away from Ed Barnett and towards Jim, who all of the sudden looks like a strong suspect in the other two rapes we learned about. And, honestly, if you just put all of the pieces together (total perv, cheater, douche bag jerk, etc.), he seems pretty guilty.

The other main suspect, Clive Lucas, the cab driver, has less damning evidence against him, but just as much creeper douche bag status as Jim Atwood. Not to mention, his wife found a set of keys with Trish and her daughter’s face on it at the end of the episode. What’s that about??

What about Ian Winterman, you ask? It turns out the only thing he’s seemingly guilty of is installing spyware on Trish’s computer with Leo Hunphries’ help. So, maybe he’s not a suspect after all.

I could be wrong about narrowing it down to Jim and Clive, but they can’t be standing out for nothing!

Outside of the case, (thankfully) Mark Latimer survived his suicide attempt, much to (surpringly) Beth’s dismay. She told Paul that it’s not fair that he gets to be so sad that she has to box hers up and hide it away for the sake of their family.  I truly hope, for their daughters’ sake, that the can turn this craziness around, start to heal, and be a family again. But I suppose it is possible that Danny’s death will continue to haunt him forever.

Finally, Alec Hardy dealt with more than the case this week. When his daughter wanted to leave he agreed at first, but when he caught some jerks making fun of Daisy, he let them have it! It’s funny, even though he’s tough at his job, he seems to walk around eggshells for Daisy…but not anymore!