My Hero Academia Season 2- Episode 17

This episode, rightly named “Climax”, was amazing. And if you’ve been keeping up with these posts, I throw around these kind of words all the time, but this one had me shook.

We start off with Iida still stunned by Stain’s quirk. Todoroki and Izuku still in the middle of combat with the hero killer. But the more Todoroki uses his quirk, the slower he gets. Stain has been able to dodge most of his long ranged attacks to the point where he can go in and finish a fatigued Todoroki. Stain draws his blade and comes at him at a full dash. As the blade comes inches away, Iida bursts his leg to break the sword and kick Stain back. Iida is FINALLY up.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

While Midoriya is still recovering from his paralysis, Shoto does his best impression of him by analyzing Stain. He has seemed to become more flustered which has made him even more agile. But he’s only got to this point because Stain’s strong suit is 1 on 1 combat, not being teamed up on. Iida’s Recipro seems to have seized as well during his kick. So with the help of Todoroki, he was able to regulate the temperature in his legs. And Midoriya is now up as well! Both take a huge leap at Stain to deliver two massive blows! Stain is down and out!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

On the other side of town, the nomus are still wreaking havoc. But luckily the number two hero himself, Endeavor, is here to stop them. Endeavor learns this specific nomus quirk is regeneration. So he just grabs his head and burns it to a crisp, because cells cannot regenerate when they are carbonized. So with two nomus down, there is one left.

Back with the others it seems everyone, including the pro hero Native, are all lifted from Stain’s quirk. Stain is disarmed from all his weapons, unconscious, and tied with rope. They make it out of the alley and see Gran Torino! Gran Torino skips the greetings and immediately scolds Midoriya for not staying on the bullet train like he said! A few other pro heroes arrive and are in awe of the sight of hero killer Stain.

As everyone is waiting for the authorities and medical attention to arrive, all of a sudden, Midoriya is snatched up by the flying nomu! And a moment later, Stain wakes up, cuts his restraints, licks the blood of the nomu that landed on a pro heroes cheek to immobilize it, and slays the nomu! But why did Stain kill the nomu? He hints at one reason being how he is against everything the League of Villains stands for, but another reason is how Midoriya fits Stain’s image of what a hero should be.  Shigaraki watches from afar absolutely pissed that his nomus were destroyed.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Endeavor finally shows up and immediately locks eyes with Stain. Stain gets an awful, horrifying look on his face. Endeavor is everything Stain hates in a hero. Stain swears his blood will run and that the only hero he will allow to kill him is All Might. In that moment where Stain looked his most menacing, he freezes in his tracks. Izuku tells us in narration that he later learned that Stain had a broken rib pierce his lung.

And we end with that. My Hero has been starting to do these sudden, cliff hanger like endings. On one hand it makes me excited for the next episode but when I’m watching I’m like, “Bro, come on!”. But it’s all good I can’t wait to see where they will take the series now since this Stain arc seems to be coming to a close.

See ya guys!

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