A new victim comes forward. (Photo Source: ITV)

Last week, Hardy & Miller approached the Trish Winterman case from a different angle: Is it possible that this wasn’t an isolated incident, but the latest in a string of rapes?

A woman came forward and said she’d been raped in a nearby town about 2 years ago. While in many other instances this would be relatively useless to the case, it turned out to be valuable. The way she was raped was essentially identical to the way Trish was raped. Then, later in the episode we learned from Beth’s supervisor that another woman was also raped in an almost identical manner. This time, though, the woman knew she was gagged with a sock. And guess what the owner of the Axehampton House found in his field? A sock! One that looked awfully similar to the bait shop guy’s football (soccer) sock. Could it just be a coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ve been trying really hard to pay attention to subtle clues and hone in on the culprit here, but I haven’t been successful. I almost feel like we could have a small team of rapists here…is that possible? I feel like Ian Winterman is a jerk with a big secret. Is that secret that he’s a serial rapist? Or that he just raped Trish? Our is he still just worried because he “blacked out”. Clive Lucas is a real P.O.S. He treats his wife and step son like they’re nothing, while all he is is a cab driver…Not to mention, why did we learn anything about his stepson and Tom Miller watching that pornography? That’s got to come back into play at some point. Is that somehow related to Trish? And I have NO idea what to think about the young Bait Shop Boy (forgive me–can’t remember his name)…he’s definitely a piece of work and he had his girlfriend lie to the police…why would he rape Trish, though? How is he connected? And finally, there’s the obvious suspect, Aaron Mayford, the convicted rapist. He’s lying. And he’s a total jackass. But we don’t have any real evidence on him, yet. Ed Burnett and Jim Atwood have fallen back some on the suspect list. They’re still shady, for sure, though.

Speaking of Jim Atwood, Trish felt the need to come clean to her best friend Cath about sleeping with her husband. Rightfully so, Cath didn’t take it well. And I don’t care if Trish has just gone through a traumatic event, it doesn’t condone the absolute betrayal of her friendship with Cath (Before the rape!). Cath responded accordingly. Trish has no good excuse for doing that to her friend. The one comment that was over the line from Cath, though, was: “Of all of the women at the party…why were you the one that got raped?” A harsh statement, but when you think about casting choices, it makes you think. There is a reason they cast the harsh looking Julie Hesmondhalgh for this role…they didn’t want a “conventional” beauty. Maybe it was for that line alone. I hate even writing about a woman’s looks in connection to a rape case. Forgive me, please!

Meanwhile, Mark Latimer is one persistent man. He cannot let go of the fact that Joe Miller walked free for killing his son, so he found him and followed him to Scotland. Despite all of his family and friend’s wishes. We’ll see that encounter this week!

Do you have any better ideas about who the rapist is? Let me know in the comments!