Before we get into the meat of this episode; YOU HEAR THIS NEW INTRO SONG THOUGH? Oh my word.

Anyways, Midoriya finally meets his mentor, Gran Torino. And he is well… less than what I was expecting. But in mere moments, Gran Torino asks Midoriya to fire an All for One smash right at him?This dude is not playing around. He is the one who made All Might the man he is today anyways.

Gran Torino told Izuku straight up after besting him and dodging his smash. He said,”You have discord in your mind. That’s why I bested you. The way you used All for One in the Calvary battle and the tournament showed you are adjusting the quirk. You understand it’s fundamentals. But your admiration for All Might and sense of loyalty to him are shackles on you. It’s true you need to get stronger and quickly. Time waits for no man. Villains don’t care if you’ve reached your full potential yet”. I think this resonates greatly with Izuku. There are still villains roaming the streets while Midoriya still is learning how to use All for One. He needs to learn how to control his quirk quickly.

That night Izuku decided to take the time to try to hone some of his skills and analyze himself. He keeps telling himself “try to imagine the egg not exploding in the microwave”. He kept trying over and over to put powers into different parts of his body to climb up a wall. But each time he was not successful so he eventually gave up and went to bed. The next morning Gran Torino received a new microwave in the mail (his old one broke somehow) and they decided to make some frozen pastries. But when Izuku put them in the microwave all on one plate, part of it was frozen and part of it was hot.

And that made Izuku realize, he shouldn’t be calling for One for All to certain parts of his body. He should have it surging through his whole body one he calls upon it! Forget the egg, imagine a pasty in the microwave! It was Gran Torino’s plan the whole time! Classic Mr. Miyagi inspired training. Midoriya only has 5% of the All for One ability, but he must share it through out his entire body when he needs it.

My Hero Academia- Funimation

My Hero Academia- Funimation

While Midoriya was learning from his mentor, his classmates were meeting with the mentors as well. Some of the highlights are Kirashima and Tetsutetsu having the same mentor. Bakugo having a mentor that’s goal is to make him more well-mannered. Todoroki being mentored by his own father. And also Minoru being paired with Mt. Lady out of all heroes. Meanwhile, the hero killer stain has met up with the league of villains for a possible collaboration. Tomura has told Stain of his plans to kill All Might and Midoriya but Stain disagrees. He doesn’t feel the league of villains kill with conviction. But his stance on if he will join them is unknown.

Tune in next time for episode 15!