Hey Gothamites! While many of you are veterans to the Batman fandom, many of you have only just begun your journey into the Dark Knight’s history. In the aftermath of Season 3, a LOAD of easter eggs got dropped for us, so let’s start this off by hitting on the key points (In no particular order):


Cyrus Gold:

Cyrus Gold

Cyrus Gold – Gotham – The Fox Network

In the wake of Butch Gilzean’s alleged death, two doctors discuss his identity over his unconscious, comatose body. As he lay there, unable to react or respond to the things around him, one of the doctors mentions that despite being the infamous gangster, his original medical records say “Cyrus Gold.” For those of you that aren’t familiar with that name, Cyrus Gold is the original name of Solomon Grundy. In the original story, Solomon had been born early in the 19th century. That’s right. The early 1800s. His body was re-animated, such as a zombie’s would be, and after murdering a couple of escaped criminals and stealing their clothes, Cyrus ends up in a hobo camp. Unable to remember much, other than the fact that he was born on a Monday, the hobos give him the moniker of Solomon Grundy – based off of the original nursery rhyme:

Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday, that was the end of Solomon Grundy.

Inhumanely strong and essentially without his own thoughts, Solomon fell into a life of crime. He went through many a trial and became an enemy of not only Batman, but Green Lantern, Superman, The Justice Society of America, and The Justice League.

Iceberg Lounge:

The Iceberg lounge

The Iceberg Lounge Logo – Gotham – The Fox Network

During the finale, Oswald Cobblepot and Ivy Pepper go over the plans for his new club, the Iceberg Lounge. As Ivy makes the connection of the name to his own nickname, The Penguin, he tells her that it will also feature his most prized attraction: A frozen solid “statue” of Edward Nygma – Oswald’s prior love interest turned arch nemesis. One can assume that, like in the comics, Penguin will end up using the lounge as a “front” for his underworld schemes. Undoubtedly, he’ll treat the Iceberg Lounge as his way of “walking the straight and narrow” while attempting to regain his place on the seat of Gotham’s gangster throne. In the comics, Penguin uses it to barter information and goods – like weapons and drugs, and constantly features as his headquarters.

The League Of Assassins:

Raj Al Ghul

Raj Al Ghul – Gotham – The Fox Network


Headed by Raj Al Ghul, commonly known as The Demon’s Head, the League has been around for centuries. While misguided in their executions, their goal is to rid the world of the monstrosities of crime and the debauchery that comes with sky-scraper-scattered cities. While in his youth, Bruce Wayne sought them out to find his own path and his own identity, though in the television show, they seem to have targeted him instead. In the beginning, Bruce trained heavily with Raj, but when he was given the option to kill Raj and take his “rightful” place as the League’s leader, Bruce refused and returned to Gotham. During his time as the vigilante, he is constantly pursued by the League, where they frequently try to force his hand into murder.

The Lazarus Pit:

The Lazarus Pit

The Lazarus Pit – Gotham – The Fox Network

Though no one is certain how old he truly is, Raj Al Ghul has been alive for centuries. The Demon’s Head had found the key to eternal youth and dubbed it The Lazarus. Whenever he’s injured or near death, he simply basks in The Lazarus pit’s waters and rejuvenates himself. Fans of Gotham got a taste of the Lazarus and it’s power when Bruce was forced to mortally wound his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. After snapping out of the mind-control they’d tricked him into, Raj tells him to use the waters before vanishing into the shadows. The waters not only cauterize Alfred’s wound, but they bring him back to life.

Catwoman’s Whip:


Catwoman’s Whip – Gotham – The Fox Network

Now, whether you’re a die hard Batman fan or not, everyone knows who Selina Kyle is. During her night life, she’s known as Catwoman, the literal Cat Burglar who frequently uses a whip, as well as her cat-like flexibility and combat skills, to thwart her enemies. In the Season Finale, Selina comes to Tabitha seeking advice during a vital crossroads. In something of a crossroads herself, Tabitha and Selina bond over their plights. When the young street-wise thug shows an interest in Tabby’s whip, the hardened criminal tells her to give it a try. She sets a glass to the side for Selina to aim at, which Selina shatters with her first shot. Viewers see the obvious impression Selina’s natural skill left on Tabitha, which prompts us to believe that the two will be extremely close in Season 4.

The Dark Knight:

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises – Gotham – The Fox Network

During the season finale, Bruce asks Alfred what drives him, what keeps him motivated, and how he manages to constantly stay true to himself. Alfred tells him that in order to find his “True North,” he’s got to find something that he cares about. Something that will drive him to protect it at all costs – For Alfred, that something was, and always has been, Bruce. As the young Wayne boy contemplates this, he overhears the television giving status updates on Gotham’s wellbeing – the city that took his parents’ lives…the city HE almost destroyed. Later that night, much like Bruce’s own family 3 years ago, a Gothamite family walks down a darkened alley. They trade playful jabs about whether the show they’d seen was any good when a gunman approaches them and demands their wallets. A dark-clad figure approaches from behind and takes the criminal out. Before the family can register their own safety, the figure climbs the fire-escape and disappears into the night. As the season finale comes to it’s final close, the camera pans out to the figure standing on the rooftop of a building, staring out over the city. He removes his mask and reveals that it’s Bruce Wayne himself, finally finding his calling as The Batman.

I don’t know about you all, but Season three was…PHENOMENAL. It left me absolutely THRILLED for season 4, and I can’t wait to sit down with all of the fandom to experience the new adventures. See you all next season!