Wizard World Comic Con makes it’s return to Sacramento on June 16-18th at the Sacramento Convention Center, 1400 J St.. Friday 4-9 pm, Saturday 10 am-7 pm, Sunday 10 am- 4 pm. If you haven’t attended been to an event you have a number of things to experience.

Stars! You will see stars here, you have a few ways to see and interact with them, they have different cost levels for what you are getting and with whom. For instance you can purchase a photo op. From what I hear those come pretty fast and furious, but you have a picture to last a lifetime. You can purchase an autograph, I’m not sure how some of these stars are doing it, but I know some stars will only personalize an autograph, or sign one of their provided items, while others will sign multiple things in one go and chat with everyone for a few minutes, I guess it’s up to the individual. You can buy a combo, or a VIP package, or you some of these stars will have a question and answer panel where you can see them and hear them talk about projects. Some of the big stars you will see include,


Kate Beckinsale, appearing Saturday and Sunday, films include Pearl Harbor and Van Helsing. Photo Courtesy Gamespot.com

Michael Rooker who played Merle on The Walking Dead and currently Yondu on Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bob Morley & Eliza Taylor who are heating up the small screen on The 100 on CW.

Val Kilmer from many movies including Batman, and many more!

You will have professional cosplayers, and professional artists showing all sorts of items, things for sale, you will find fantastic pieces of art, I typically come home with a new piece of art every show, even though I don’t know where to put it all, I always see something that makes my jaw drop.

Don’t forget collectibles, figures, comics, and all sorts of blast from the past toys you have forgotten about, you will see many local and worldwide vendors bringing things to the show.

From the amount of time it is open, and how many, and which stars are doing panels, if you were to pick one day I would say Saturday is the day to go, but at an event like this, depending on what you are looking for no day is a bad day to go.

One thing to remember for anyone, cosplay is not consent to take pictures whenever you see fit. If someone is getting a picture, you can’t just come up and take a picture as well, it’s proper to ask permission from anyone cosplaying if you can take their picture, don’t ruin the fun or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

If you would like to buy tickets to the event, autographs, pictures, or any other Wizard World event that will be local to you you can here: Wizard World Tickets

To see a list of stars, cosplay, and artists at the Sacramento show please go here: Sacramento Wizard World Guest List

Lastly if trying to make a mental plan on what events on the schedule you want to make you can see that list here: Programming Schedule

Remember above all else we are all there to have a fun time, I hope to see you in Sacramento!