Welcome to Day 3 of predicting what will be shown at each E3 press conference! Sony’s interesting to do as there are plenty of games that could show up there, so much in fact that this may be the longest list I do. Sony has a habit of announcing games at E3 and then you never hearing about them again until the E3 the following year, so I’m expecting a lot of the same. Throw in a few wild cards and we’ve got ourselves a party. Let’s get going!

Obvious Stuff:

Call of Duty: WWII


Source: Call of Duty WWII Sony

With the Xbox partnership ending with Black Ops 3, Sony took over and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was shown at last year’s press conference, so we can expect the same to be done for the upcoming entry. You know the drill in the most case. We’ll get a demo of a single player mission that is very cinematic and there will be a “In the interest of time” somewhere in there to skip over the lulls in the mission and get right back into the action. It’s been this way as long as I can remember.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man


Source: Insomniac’s Spider-man Sony

The game was shown last year at E3, but we didn’t get much info out of it besides a quick gameplay trailer. It’s alleged to be coming out this year, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see more here and get a release date. This is a exciting one too as it might be the first good Spider-Man game in awhile. I’m not going to debate over which ones are good or not, but I’ll say I was a big fan of the N64 Spider-Man and only the Spider-Man 2 game adaption came close to it. Insomniac is a great studio, so I have high hopes that this’ll be solid.

Days Gone

maxresdefault (1)

Source: Days Gone Sony

Another entry in the “Shown last year at E3 and that’s it” category. I liked the looks of this game, though I’ll always be a sucker for zombie stuff. And do you see that crowd of zombies behind the lead character? There was even more in the premiere trailer! Besides that, it seems like the game could have an interesting story, but it’ll be hard to pass up The Last of Us in terms of a story based zombie title, but we’ll see as it’s almost certain we’ll get another trailer and possibly a release date this E3.

The Last of Us: Part II


Source: The Last of Us Part II/ Sony

Speaking of The Last of Us, we got our first look at the sequel at the PlayStation Experience last December. We know that the game picks up 5 years after the original and you’ll be controlling Ellie as the primary character. There was no release date attached to the reveal and I’m kinda not sure if we’ll get one this time either. I’m cautious about this one because I think the first game was a perfect standalone title. If they were going to continue in the world of Last of Us, it could’ve been with other characters, but I trust Naughty Dog.

God of War


Source: God of War Sony

Second verse, same as the first. “Shown last year at E3 and that’s it.” There is currently a giant mural being painted on a building near the E3 convention center of God of War, so yeah, it’s gonna be making another appearance. I love character action games, but I never really got into this series. I will say that the reveal of this game made it seem to be a different beast than the previous titles with some decent gameplay changes, so I’m interested in seeing more and hopefully hearing about a release date.

Destiny 2


Source: Destiny 2 Sony

PlayStation got special shit for the first Destiny in the form of a unique strike mission and I think some other stuff, so the alliance there is already established. I know there was already a Destiny 2 event seperate from E3, but I think there is room for a little more to be shown at Sony’s conference.

Gran Turismo Sport


Source: Grand Turismo Sport Sony

Similar to Forza, I’ve never cared for the simulation style of racing games, but I know there are plenty that love them, especially the customization options for decals and such. A new Gran Turismo is coming out in the form of Sport and I believe Sony almost always has a car title to show off at E3, so this kinda goes without saying that it’ll be there. Still doesn’t have a release date other than 2017 either, so confirmation on that is a given as well.

Possible Stuff:

PlayStation VR


Source: Sony Playstation VR

I don’t know how well PlayStation VR is doing for Sony, but either way it would be odd for them to not announce anything else for the accessory this year. It could be in the forms of unique games that the headset is required to play or it could be confirming that more titles like Resident Evil VII can be played through entirely with the use of the headset. With how successful I heard the later was, I’m willing to bet it’ll be more of that.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom


Source: Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Sony

I’ve heard good things about the first game, but JRPGs take up a lot of time and I’m always scared off from a lot of them. This sequel was announced back in 2015, so it’s been a minute and still no signs of a release date. It has been said to be coming in 2017, so unless a delay has taken place, we should be hearing more at this E3.

Knack 2


Source: Knack 2 Sony

Talk about an unnecessary game. I don’t think I’ve EVER heard someone who played the first Knack ask for a sequel…and yet here we are! This was announced at the PlayStation Experience in December and my personal favorite part was seeing Twitter light up in flames over why it existed. That’s basically all I have to say about this. If you’re reading this and you’re excited, let me know why because I really want to know.

Detroit: Become Human


Source: Detroit Become Human Sony

Now this is something I’m excited for. Call them what you may, but Quantic Dream games always have an amazing charm behind whatever hurdles they don’t jump over. Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain are two of my favorite games, so I have high hopes for this. It basically looks like the best of those two games, plus just throwing in a shit ton of Blade Runner. How does that NOT sound exciting? I could also see this being a game that is announced to be fully playable with PlayStation VR, so maybe they’ll be shown as a double pack?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Source: Uncharted The Lost Legacy Sony

This expansion/DLC thing comes out in August, so it’s almost basically here, but I think we might get a little more in the form of a trailer here at least to promote it a little more. That’s basically all I have to say, it’s cool to have an Uncharted game that doesn’t have anything to do with Nathan Drake though. And I missed Chloe since she wasn’t in Uncharted 3 or 4 if I recall correctly.

Shot In The Dark Stuff:

Death Stranding


Source: Death Stranding Sony

After making a super weird first appearance last year at Sony’s press conference, we’ve gotten a little bit more at the PlayStation Experience in December. Considering the fact this game isn’t suppose to come out until 2019, there’s a chance it might be skipping out on this year. The star of the game, Norman Reedus, has been out there recently saying shit about the game having black hole physics or something, so that’s cool. Could that mean that we’ll get a black hole physics trailer? Maybe!

Red Dead Redemption 2


Source: Red Dead Redemption 2 Sony

Recently delayed into the next year, Red Dead Redemption 2 needs something to hold fans over. We got a few screenshots the day the delay was confirmed, but that’s not enough. A trailer with gameplay footage might do the trick? Rockstar normally just show up much at E3 conferences anyway, but you never can be too sure.

Bloodborne 2


Source Bloodborne 2 Sony

There seems to be a lot of clamoring about a sequel to Bloodborne popping up this year at E3 and I could believe it. The DLC for Dark Souls III is all wrapped up, so now’s as good a time as any for the PlayStation exclusive version of Dark Souls to announce a sequel. I’m not entirely convinced though, but I’m ready to be proven wrong.

Shenmue 3


Source: Shenmue 3 Sony

Lol no, we aren’t hearing anything about this for sure. The only reason I include it is I’ve seen some speculation that to tide the wait for the third installment, PlayStation might be getting HD remasters of Shenmue and Shenmue 2. That’s a much more likely scenario, but still a shot in the dark for me personally.

Kingdom Hearts III


Source: Kingdom of Hearts III Sony

Ah, the fabled Kingdom Hearts III. I’ve been waiting for this game since I finished the second back in 2006. Yeah, there have been plenty of remasters and side games for every single console imaginable, but it’s not the same. I want to play the next titled entry in the series already! I want to experience the end of the Keyblade Wars! Being realistic though, the most I’m expecting here is another trailer with the same old “Still In Development” at the end of it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Source: Final Fantasy VII Remake Sony

We actually have heard some news on this recently, but it wasn’t good news. Seems CC2, the studio responsible for the bulk of the work on the remake, was taken off the case and the game was moved into Square Enix. That could mean a variety of things, but I assume Square wasn’t happy with the progress being made and decided to take matters into their own hands. Considering how long it took for Final Fantasy XV to come out though? I’m not expecting this anytime soon, nor am I really expecting a showing here.


Sony has come to a close! Next up will be Ubisoft. Their press conference will be Monday June 12th. They’ve already laid out some of their hand, so it’ll be a bit easier of a prediction article, but there may be a few surprises hidden within as well. Ubisoft always loves to end the show with a big announcement (Watch_Dogs, The Division, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, etc).